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What is True About Baldness?

What is True About Baldness?

Baldness is more common in men especially when they reach the age of 60 and beyond. A recent study shows that baldness is caused by faulty hair making cells located in the scalp. Previously, researchers believed that a receding hairline results from an insufficient number of progenitor cells, but this is not the case. Baldness happens when the normal development of these cells is disrupted. Instead of completing the process of development, these cells immediately mature to full functioning state.

Other contributory factors to hair loss are genetics, age, and disease. There are numerous myths about the real cause of baldness. In this article we will enumerate common misconceptions about baldness and expose the truth behind each one.

Myths 1: Hair loss can be inherited from your mother’s side.

It is true that the primary gene for baldness is on the X chromosome which you can get from your mother. But there are also other factors involved. Researchers say that if you have a bald father, you are more likely to experience baldness over those who don’t.

Myth 2: You only get bald if you’re old.

This is not true. Hair loss can happen to teenagers and young adults aged 20 to 30. The earlier you experience baldness, the more severe it will become.

Myth 3: It is not good to wear hats as they can cause hair loss.

It is perfectly okay to wear hats. The problem begins when the hat that you’re wearing isn’t clean. This can be a source of scalp infection which accelerates hair loss. Make sure you clean your hats regularly before use.

Myth 4: Stress can cause hair loss.

Yes it can, although hair that is not supposed to fall off will grow back after stress or trauma is managed. In addition, excessive and rapid weight loss or gain can also cause balding.

Myth 5: To avoid hair loss, stay away from hair products such as gels and sprays.

There is no need to avoid these. They cannot cause baldness. Mechanical manipulation of hair like using curling or straightening irons can speed up the process of hair loss.

Myth 6: Heavy consumption of carbohydrates can cause baldness.

Carbohydrates provide essential nutrients that are necessary to maintain healthy hair. However, iron deficiency is closely linked to baldness. Taking iron supplements is best to prevent rapid hair loss.

Myth 7: Sexually active men are more likely to go bald.

This is a popular myth. This is not true though. Bald men have lesser testosterone than those who are hairy.

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