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Ways to Fight Your Food Cravings

Ways to Fight Your Food Cravings

Do you know that the best way to reduce your food cravings is to increase your ability to stop the urge to indulge in food?  You will be surprised to know that research shows that willpower is like a muscle. With proper exercise it can grow stronger.  Here are some ways on how you can improve self-control over food cravings and with proper practice not even the most deliciously-looking food can outmatch your mental strength.

  1. Small frequent meals. Not eating for long periods of time can cause your blood sugar to drop down. This will leave you with a big appetite that can overpower your plan of eating healthy and wise. Eating small meals every 3 to 4 hours will make your blood sugar at stable normal levels. This will also prevent a plummet in your blood sugar levels that may lead to overeating.
  2. Eat with your non-dominant hand. Picking up a spoon or fork with the hand that you don’t usually use will slow down your meal time and will help you to focus more on what you’re eating. With practice, this can actually aid in faster weight loss. According to Roy Baumeister, a Professor of Psychology from the University of Florida, when people spend several weeks on practicing little acts of self-control like using a non-dominant hand when brushing their teeth, or when using a computer mouse, they tend to work longer on the same puzzle. If one works on his ability to resist a particular impulse, he also increases his capacity to override all other impulses.
  3. Don’t lose sight of your goal which is weigh loss. Keep your weight loss goal up front by weighing yourself regularly. Daily weigh ins make it easier for you to see extra pounds you have gained and will prompt you to turn around and slash them immediately. A research conducted in the University of Minnesota studied and analyze around 1800 people who have successfully lost weight from weight loss programs and found out that 40% of these people weighed themselves either weekly or daily. Reaching your goal of losing weight will motivate you to look forward to your next target.
  4. Have a dose of pleasant emotions. Get out of depressed state and lift up your spirit. It is a known fact that people tend to overeat or lock themselves to emotional eating 75% of the time because they are emotionally down and feeling blue.

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