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Using Meditation as Stress Buster

Using Meditation as Stress Buster

Not many people are aware of the power of meditation and what it can do to promote relaxation not only of the mind but of the body and spirit as well. Is it just a simply action of closing the eyes and shutting all noises behind? Or does it entail a deeper connection with oneself to really reap the benefits of an old ancient medical intervention. People who have discovered meditation have testified of the calmness it brings beyond mental and physical state, some defined meditation as a spiritual connection that brings them closer either with God, their own selves or their loved ones.

For those who are new to meditation let us try to know the basics by reading this following guide.

Place of Comfort – to start an effective spiritual connection one must take into consideration the peacefulness and serenity of the place where you intend to perform meditation. Find a place that is quiet and free from distractions preferably a cool room where you can sit down. Sit with your legs crossed and rest your hands on your lap.

Breathing – Once you are comfortable in your position, work on your breathing. Slowly close the eyes and breathe with slow deep breaths. Breathing techniques in meditation is not just slow breathing but inhaling through the nose to slowly exhaling through your mouth, do this for the first part. Do not force breathing, let it come naturally. As you progress, you will notice breathing will become deeper and you’ll feel that air slowly fills your lungs.

Concentrate – meditation is not as easy as it sounds. Most beginners think that just by closing the eyes and breathing slowly that they can achieve the relaxed state that meditation promises. But to fully understand one must concentrate hard in eliminating worries and thoughts that preoccupy our mind which the hard part. Once you feel your mind slowly wanders off to somewhere control it and bring it back to your goal of thinking nothing and concentrating on the simplicity of just breathing.

Try to exercise meditating once or twice everyday and see the distinct change, a more relaxed feeling, comfortable outlook and a positive aura. Meditation can help clear the mind of everyday stress and will prevent the need for antidepressant medications that most people immediately turn to nowadays when they feel burdened with all of life’s complexities. The breathing techniques learned in meditation will also be helpful in improving physical health. It improves blood circulation and is a form of de-stressing.

Meditation is also known to enhance spirituality which increases our self awareness and gives us tranquility and a sense of contentment. It helps to remove tension and worry and is said to bring reflection to each one who practices it. Meditation is the greatest stress buster as it diverts your efforts of worrying and thinking on things stressing you into a much higher plane that touches your spirituality leaving you only with positive thoughts that can refresh you to go through another day in life.

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