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5 Fat-Blaster Workouts that Work

All of us want to get fit and maintain a healthy weight. This is not just because we want to look good, but also to be healthy and free from diseases. But in order to achieve a weight that is recommended for you to have, it takes eating healthy and doing exercise. While others are blessed to have no issues with their weights, it is a fact that there are those who are having trouble in keeping a healthy weight. There are just those people who despite utmost efforts to exercise, they are still not satisfied with the bodies that they have.

The reasons why you are not achieving the body you want even if you are exercising much is maybe because your exercise of choice is not that effective. Not all forms of exercise are invented equal; there are just those that are more effective in helping a person achieve their target bodies. For those who think that there exercise routine is not giving them enough, here are the top 5 fat-blaster workouts that work:

  • Running

One of the most basic forms of exercise yet the benefits it gives the body cannot be discounted. An hour of running can burn around 700 calories. Even an hour of running a day will surely help in helping a person achieve his ideal weight. Running is also preferred by most people because it does not involve enrolling in the gym and require the presence of an instructor.

  • Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is most loved by women not just because it is specially designed for them, but also because it is very effective in saying goodbye to those unwanted fats. The dance routines do not only make one healthy but also achieve the weight that they want.

  • Walking

The single most effective exercise in blasting fats is walking. Unlike other work out wherein you need to go to the gym, walking can be done solitarily, and at any time of the day be it in the office or at home. Even a thirty minute work is already good in burning 300 calories.

It is to no wonder why a lot of people have chosen to dance workouts over the traditional ones. This is because dance workouts use dance as a form of exercise. You are not just getting rid of the body’s fats, you are enjoying as well. One of the dance routines that are very popular today is the zumba fitness workout. It involves the use of salsa, cha-cha, samba and other Latin dances in the dance routines which make it a very exciting fitness workout.

  • Trampoline Rebound

Rebounding on the trampoline is not just an enjoyable form of exercise. It is also very good in shedding the body’s unwanted fats. As one jumps on the trampoline, all the body parts are moving and exercised. This helps the person lose weight and become healthy.

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Exercises that Beat Depression

Being depressed is not a good thing. It can cause you to become less productive in school or at work. Too much depression can also cause you to become socially withdrawn affecting your relationships. When problems hit us and we become depressed, most of us just stay inside the room and cry all day long. Others binge and eat to their hearts content to beat up the feeling of hurt that they are feeling.

All of us have our own ways of fighting depression, but what most of us do when we are depressed is not healthy at all. Our main purpose to do these things is to help ease the emotional burden that haunts us, but these things may not be health at all. Yes, we are emotionally comforted but our bodies may be suffering as a result of it. Eating too much, being sedentary and drinking alcohol can help comfort emotional hurt, but it can be dangerous to our health.

There are a lot of ways to fight depression in a much healthier ways. One of the best options is thru exercise. When you exercise it is like hitting two birds in one stone.  Simple exercise routines can help you forget your problems, plus it is very healthy for the body too. Thru exercise the stresses that the body feels is released as a form of sweat. Most people under depression claim that they feel much better emotionally after just an hour of exercise.

The following are some exercise routines that help beat depression:

  • Yoga is both an exercise for the body and the mind. The Hindu tradition is adapted throughout all parts of the globe not just because it is a good form of exercise but also for the reason that it helps release and tension. Those who are engaged in yoga claim to have inner balance making them handle emotional turmoil like depression well.
  • Running, walking, and other cardio exercises are good in beating depression. The heart pumping exercises help release all the tensions and stresses that you are feeling. Running and walking especially when done outdoors help in beating depression.
  • Zumba workout and other aerobic exercises help fight depression. Although these exercises can be done at home, most often the exercise is done with others. These exercises is not just good in keeping the body healthy, it is also help the person suffering from depression to return to his or her social life once again.

There are a lot of ways in fighting depression, but in beating it make sure that your way of coping will not cause potential problems to your health in the future.

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Which is a Better Exercise? Walking or Running?

Congratulations! You have decided to exercise. But the problem is you do not know what form of exercise to choose. Two of the most popular forms of exercise that a lot of healthy living aficionados are doing is walking and running. These two are good forms of exercise, but the problem is which is better.

Different people have different needs with regards to exercising. Before deciding on whether walking or running is the better exercise, here are some points to help you decide.


  • Running

One hour of running burns more calories as compared to an hour of walking. This is because running entails more efforts, so heart rate is increased in a shorter period of time.

Running is suited for those who want to lose weight fast in less span of time. Running for one mile can help a person shed 100 calories.

Running is suited for those who want to attain maximum cardiovascular effect on their work outs.

  • Walking

Walking is suited for those who want a slower paced of exercise.

One mile of walking can burn up to 70 calories.

It is the perfect exercise for those who are pregnant, elderly, and recovering from a physical injury.

Walking is suited for those who are still starting to exercise.


  • Running

Running can cause strain and sprain on muscles especially when without proper warm-up exercises.

Vigorous running can cause too much stress to the body.

Some person can’t handle the stress of running which can cause cardiovascular problems during exercising.

Running is not suited for those who have injuries like sprains and strains because it can aggravate the condition to worsen.

Running is not advised for people who have cardiovascular problems.

  • Walking

Is not suited for those who wants to lose weight quickly.

Some people may find walking to be boring because it less rigorous and does not offer much challenge.

Both running and walking are good form of exercises. The premise on which is better really depends on the person. If he or she loves to see quicker results in weight loss, then running is a good option. For those who like slow paced exercise without much stress, then walking is the best one. Running and walking all gives a person benefits to the health. But before considering trying either one of these exercises, it is always best to see the doctor first to have your body assessed on what type of exercise suits you best.

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All About Eating French Food and Losing Weight

Why is it that most French women stay slim and sexy when all they eat are rich coffees, bagels with cream cheese, buttery croissants and all those tasteful yet calorie laden foods? If you walk around Paris almost every corner you fix your eyes into comes a vision of beauty, elegance and fashion in every woman who happens to be fit, slim and healthy. So what is a French woman’s secret to eating heartily without the added pounds?

There has been much talk about the so called “French diet” that points to the reason why most French people stay slender without actually dieting. According to the best selling book “French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure” it is not about counting the calories one eats rather it is savoring each calorie with every bite. The French diet does not involve decreasing your caloric intake but choosing the foods you eat and how you eat them.

French women owe it to their cultural heritage for inheriting their values and way of life towards a healthy lifestyle that concentrates on moderation. The French has a particular taste when in comes to food, they are very particular and most of them likes to prepare their own food. Their fondness and love for natural foods is distinct engraved in their cultures. Unlike most Americans who love fast food which are mostly deep fried, processed and sugary the French indulges in fresh green salads, rich sauce pastas, and a variety of fruits. They will even go to markets in search of the freshest produce as their ingredients in preparing for their food.

Another distinct characteristic of the French diet is their serving size. French will not settle for big servings with low quality ingredients or sub standard taste instead they prefer small quantity foods that are tasteful and carefully prepared with the finest ingredients. Cutting the serving size means cutting down on calories consumed and still retains the flavor and taste.

Try to look around in a cafe or restaurant in France and you will notice how the French savors their food. Unlike most Americans who eat to fill their stomach and get them going through the day the French sees eating as an experience. The French takes their time in eating their food placing their utensils down after each bite to fully experience the taste and texture of what they’re eating. They concentrate on chewing their food carefully to take pleasure in the flavors which makes them more satisfied thus avoiding overeating. Drinking lots of water also helps in speeding up the metabolism while flushing toxins out of the body.

Eating in moderation and consuming a wide variety of natural unprocessed foods is a start to a healthy lifestyle patterned to what most French people have. Put in frequent walks in the park, markets and museums to your daily activities and you will be living a French lifestyle of healthy eating, regular exercise and the good life.

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