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Resveratrol Supplements: A Secret to Good Health

Supplements are increasingly becoming popular nowadays due to the stresses and unhealthy lifestyle of most people. To boost one’s health it is advisable to take supplements to fight against certain diseases that can potentially harm us. But among the many supplements available in the market how can we know for sure which ones are the most potent and effective in protecting and strengthening our body’s defenses.

Health enthusiasts rave about a new micro nutrient that seems to sweep other supplements aside. The new wonder supplement is called Resveratrol, a phytoalexin that can be found in grapes, nuts and red wine. It is all natural with no animal derivatives. Research studies on mice shows that resveratrol improves health and prolongs life span. It demonstrates good motor skills in spite of old age. Also classified as flavonoids, resveratrol activates sirtuin activity wherein organs release enzymes as a response to increased level of stress.  Some theories reveal that it enhances longevity when a person is on a calorie restricted diet.

According to a New York Times research article, resveratrol has the potential to increase our endurance in doing activities at a faster rate and at a longer time. In the research study conducted on mice, those who were administered with resveratrol were able to run twice as much as those who were not administered with resveratrol. Other benefits of resveratrol include lowering bad cholesterol or LDL also known as Low Density Lipoproteins. Resveratrol prevents the accumulation of cholesterol deposits in the artery walls that constricts the blood vessels giving the heart a hard time to pump blood throughout the body. It’s good news to people who are at high risks for developing coronary artery disease and other heart problems by improving blood circulation.

Diabetics and those at high risk for the disease can enjoy the benefit of resveratrol in stabilizing blood glucose levels by making glucose readily available for cell consumption. Individuals taking the supplement report feeling more alive, alert and active than ever which contributes to a positive outlook into adapting a healthy lifestyle.

Just like other supplements, resveratrol has many antioxidants beneficial for our body to fight off free radicals that destroys our cells. Antioxidants keep our cells healthy which gives us the natural glow. Some research conducted on the study of resveratrol also shows that it can reduce the cancer risk. The flavonoid can reach the source of energy of a cancer cell called mitochondria thus enabling to destroy it.

The interesting fact about resveratrol is its link to the French paradox. The French paradox is described as the low incidence of cardiovascular diseases and obesity in France even though their diet mainly consists of wine which is rich in saturated fat. Dr. Sinclair from Harvard University found out that the plant extract, resveratrol in mice and fruit flies showed increased life spans. Although this study is linking resveratrol to the French paradox seems to need more research, the overall benefits of resveratrol is worth a try.

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All You Need To Know About Gingko Biloba

The use of nutritional health supplements has been very popular today. Perhaps it is because people have become more conscious on their health and they want to try everything just to be healthy. No wonder why there are a lot of herbal health supplements that are available in the market today.

One of the most used herbs in health supplements is gingko biloba. Gingko is a very large tree that is found in Eastern China. Gingko is also known as the maidenhair tree. These trees are said to have grown for more than 1000 years and is the only tree to survive the bombing of Hiroshima. The information on how the gingko tree survived the test of time is truly amazing. However, the gingko tree is more popular because of the benefits to one’s health.

The extracts of Gingko biloba has been proven by a lot of scientists to work miraculously to a person’s health. Gingko biloba facilitates increase blood flow supply to the brain as well as to other parts of the body. It is the flavanoid content of the gingko biloba extracts that offers pharmaceutical wonders.

Here are some of the benefits of using gingko biloba health supplements to one’s health:

  • Gingko biloba enhances one’s memory.

This is one of the most popular health benefits known to gingko biloba. It works by increasing blood supply to the brain. As a person gets older, lesser blood goes up to the brain because the blood vessels are not working that well anymore. Gingko biloba is used as an alternative treatment for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Students have also used this gingko biloba preparations because it helps in memory and recall especially during examinations.

  • Gingko biloba helps prevent intermittent claudication.

Older people may have less blood supply to muscles as they get older because of blocked vessels. This may cause them to have muscle cramps and joint pains even with simple activities like walking. Because gingko biloba promotes good blood circulation to the body, this occurrence is prevented.

  • Gingko biloba controls blood cholesterol levels preventing diseases like atherosclerosis and heart attack.
  • Gingko biloba helps prevent heart diseases. The flavanoid content of gingko biloba promotes one to have a healthy heart.
  • Gingko biloba helps men to have healthy sexual function. Gingko biloba promotes blood flow to the penis which can help those with erection problems. It is also proven to increase one’s libido needed to attain a good sexual relationships.

The benefits that gingko biloba is truly promising. But before taking gingko biloba supplements, it is best to see your doctor first. You might have any underlying disease conditions that can worsen while taking gingko biloba health supplements.

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Finding the Right Nutritional Supplement

Today nutritional or dietary supplement have sprouted like mushrooms in the market. Rather than going to the doctor, most people just go the drug stores and take nutritional supplements believing that they can prevent or cure their diseases by taking nutritional supplements. The use of nutritional supplements has become very popular this day and age.

A key factor for a person to attain the best health is by having good nutrition. Everything that we put in our mouth affects our health and nutrition either in a good or bad way. However, many rely on food supplements rather than eating the right kind of food. Nutritional supplements are medical preparations used to enhance a person’s health status. They give the body added nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

But before taking a certain nutritional supplement, here are some tips to help you determine which is the right nutritional supplement for you is:

  • Check the label and see if it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There are a lot of nutritional supplements sold in the market that are unsafe and have not passed the standards set by the FDA. These supplements can be dangerous and can cause harm rather than offering what they have promised on their products.
  • It is wise that you check the labels first before purchasing a certain nutritional supplement. Look on the box and check on the pocket inserts on information like the ingredients and raw materials used. Labels recommend the correct dosage to take and also suggest who are fit and unfit to take the nutritional supplement. Be sure that it has the company name, address, and contact numbers clearly stated on packaging.
  • Listen to your body. If you have been suffering from week eyesight, then use nutritional supplements for the eyes. When you have problem with constipation, there are a lot supplements that aid in proper digestion and defecation.
  • Look for reviews. There are a lot of product reviews available in the internet. In here you can check whether the nutritional supplement you are planning to purchase is effective or not when tried by others.
  • Make sure that the nutritional supplement is 100% natural. At least if the product is natural there are fewer chances that you will have complications from taking the drug.
  • Ask for advice from the doctor. This is the best thing to do before purchasing any form of nutritional supplement. You may have underlying conditions that may worsen from taking nutritional supplements. Doctors always know best when it comes to one’s health, so it is wise that you see them first before deciding to take a nutritional supplement of any sort.

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Ganoderma: The Medicinal Mushroom

Today the uses of traditional herbal medicines have become very popular. Different food supplements whether in the form of capsules, juices, tea, and coffee use herbal medicines as its primary ingredient. Perhaps one of the most common natural medicines used is Ganoderma. 

Ganoderma is a form of mushroom coming from the polypore genus. It is a large, double bodied basidiospore, and leathery looking mushroom that grows on dead trees. We may think of Ganoderma as any other ordinary mushroom. But it offers more than that. Ganoderma offers a lot of benefits to the human body. Here are some of the benefits of taking Ganoderma based food supplements:

  • Ganoderma can strengthen the body’s immune system making the body less prone on having diseases.
  • Ganoderma combats harmful bacteria that cause diseases like infection of the respiratory system and the urinary tract.
  • Ganoderma is a powerful anti oxidant that cleanses the body from impurities that we get from the food we eat, beverages that we drink, and medicines that we take. People who       frequently use Ganoderma look younger as compared to others who don’t as it can delay skin aging. This wonder mushroom also detoxifies the liver to maintain its function making the person have lesser chances of acquiring liver diseases.
  • Ganoderma improves the circulation of the blood. When there is proper blood circulation, diseases of the heart are avoided.
  • Ganoderma can help treat certain cancers. The growth of the cancer cells slow down when the patient takes Ganoderma preparations together with its regular medications.
  • Ganoderma has properties that keep the memory sharp. Older adults who have problems on remembering things are advised to drink Ganoderma based supplements as it aids in memory enhancement and recall. People who have Alzheimer’s disease are advised to take Ganoderma preparations.
  • Ganoderma improves the body’s metabolism. Metabolism is very important as it is in charge of converting the nutrients we get from food to energy.
  • Ganoderma intensify the amount of oxygen in the blood stream. When there is high amount of oxygen transported to the cells, one feels energized, alert, and full of vigor.
  • Ganoderma reduces stress as it initiates good night’s sleep and cures insomnia.
  • Ganoderma helps in restoring skin impurities like sun spots, dry and scaly skin, and acne. It also restores the skin’s moisture needed to keep the skin vibrant and young looking.
  • Ganoderma use promises no side effects and is 100% safe.

Although the use of Ganoderma has been widely accepted and has good reviews from the public, it is important to see your healthcare provider first before taking any sort of Ganoderma preparations.

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Natural and Artificial Ways to Increase Your Height

Height is might! That saying may not be applicable all the time, but partly it is true. When the person is tall, he or she stands out as compared to others who are not gifted with height. Whether in sports, modeling, show business, at work or in school, they have the so called edge.

Those persons who are not satisfied with what they have often result to a lot of things to add inches to their height. There are two different modalities used in trying to increase a person’s height. One can grow taller either by natural or artificial methods.

Natural methods are the best method to use when trying to improve one’s height. There is no need to worry on harmful side effects and it is absolutely free. What the person needs to invest is only dedication, hard work, and time. Here are some of the natural ways to increase a person’s height:

  • Exercise

Exercising does not just promote good health; it can also increase ones height. Daily stretching for thirty minutes can stretch the joints, ligaments, and the intervertebral disks. Regular stretching and exercise can add 2 to 4 inches to a person’s height. Another form of exercise that can increase the height is yoga. Yoga does not just maintain the balance of the mind and the body; it can also help add up to ones height.

  • Eat the right kinds of food.

Protein rich foods should be present in every meal as it is the building blocks of the body. There should also be ample amount of carbohydrates, fats, and other minerals as a balanced diet is needed for the body to obtain maximum function. When you eat nutritious foods you are getting the right amount of nutrients need for growth and development. By this, the body releases human growth hormone that helps one to become taller.

  • Have adequate time of rest and sleep.

When your body is fully rested during sleep, it releases growth hormone that is responsible for the person’s height. Although there are claims that say that sleep should be 8 hours long so that one can grow tall, the length of sleep does not matter. What matters is the quality of sleep that the person has. It is only through deep and uninterrupted sleep that growth hormones are released and function.

Artificial method is another method used in increasing ones height. But it is not much advised unless with the supervision of a doctor as it can give harmful side effects to the body. However due to the advancement of modern technology that ensures safety, these methods are already widely used. Various methods included in adding a person’s heights the artificial way are:

  • Growing Pills and Supplements

There are many growth hormone supplements available in the market today. It works by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone that increases the person’s height. Other supplements have Chorella Growth Factor (CGF) that promotes growth and development for people under 22 years old. CGF is mostly added to multivitamins preparation for children. CGF does not offer any harmful side effects.

  • Height Increase Surgery

Also known as cosmetic limb lengthening surgery is done to correct dwarfism and those born with unequal length of limbs. The procedure is quite complicated and is expensive. But the person can undoubtedly increase ones height by undergoing surgery.

Although ones height can give a lot advantages to the person, the one who lacks height should not be broken hearted. After all a person’s worth is not measured on how tall he or she is.

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Omega 3 Fish Oil: The Wonders of Pure Fish Oil

Omega 3 is an indispensable fatty acid that the body cannot produce alone. We can get this healthy oil from fish sources like tuna, salmon, halibut, and from some plant sources mostly coming from nuts. Omega 3 is considered healthy is because it contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and alpha- linolenic acid (ALA). That is why each one of us needs to have an ample amount of omega 3 in the body as it plays a crucial role in helping the body achieving a good state of health and a better quality of life.

Omega 3 fish oils have become very popular among people who believe in the power of health supplements. We can’t blame them for patronizing omega 3 fish oil based products because it has worked wonders for their health. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider taking Omega 3 fish oil based supplements:

  • Omega 3 fish oil is good for the heart.

-It helps in regulating blood cholesterol levels. The amount of good cholesterol is increased while the amount of bad cholesterol is lowered.

-It cleanses the body’s arteries and veins for better blood circulation. This can prevent heart diseases like stroke, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and arrhythmias.

  • Omega 3 fish oil is good for the brain.

-It helps in memory and recall as it can help treat Alzheimer’s disease. It is also good for students as it aids in having a sharp mind and good concentration.

-It helps the body respond to stress appropriately. Some people with psychiatric tendencies are advised to take Omega 3 supplements as it helps lessen the symptoms of depression.

  • Omega 3 fish oil is good for the reproductive system

-It helps the woman have lesser agonizing symptoms felt during menstrual periods.

-It can also help couples with fertility problems as it regulates hormone to be on its normal levels needed for conception and reproduction.

  • Omega 3 is good for the bones and joints.

-It promotes good bone and joint condition especially for those with arthritis. Joint rigidity and swelling will also be prevented lessening the discomfort the patient is having.

-It also lessens the woman risk for having osteoporosis.

  • Omega 3 is good for pregnant mothers and the baby she is carrying.

-Babies born to mothers who have ample amount of omega 3 in the diet are smarter as compared to babies born of mothers who have no omega 3 intake. That is because omega 3 facilitates proper blood flow to the placenta which carries nutrients and oxygen needed in brain development.

-Mothers have lesser chances of having the dreaded pregnancy conditions like pregnancy induced hypertension and pre eclampsia. All of these conditions can be fatal to both mother and baby.

  • Omega 3 reduces the risk of acquiring certain cancers.

-It promotes over all cell health preventing it be malignant and cause cancer.

-It has been said that people who have take Omega 3 supplements have lesser chances of having prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer.

Those are just some of the benefits one gets from eating foods and taking supplement rich in omega 3. It is up to you if you want to try the wonder that Omega 3 pure fish oil has to offer.

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Supplements for Bodybuilding and Muscle Growth

If you are going to try to build some serious muscle, you should take a look at some of the supplements listed below. Read the full story

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