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What is True About Baldness?

Baldness is more common in men especially when they reach the age of 60 and beyond. A recent study shows that baldness is caused by faulty hair making cells located in the scalp. Previously, researchers believed that a receding hairline results from an insufficient number of progenitor cells, but this is not the case. Baldness happens when the normal development of these cells is disrupted. Instead of completing the process of development, these cells immediately mature to full functioning state.

Other contributory factors to hair loss are genetics, age, and disease. There are numerous myths about the real cause of baldness. In this article we will enumerate common misconceptions about baldness and expose the truth behind each one.

Myths 1: Hair loss can be inherited from your mother’s side.

It is true that the primary gene for baldness is on the X chromosome which you can get from your mother. But there are also other factors involved. Researchers say that if you have a bald father, you are more likely to experience baldness over those who don’t.

Myth 2: You only get bald if you’re old.

This is not true. Hair loss can happen to teenagers and young adults aged 20 to 30. The earlier you experience baldness, the more severe it will become.

Myth 3: It is not good to wear hats as they can cause hair loss.

It is perfectly okay to wear hats. The problem begins when the hat that you’re wearing isn’t clean. This can be a source of scalp infection which accelerates hair loss. Make sure you clean your hats regularly before use.

Myth 4: Stress can cause hair loss.

Yes it can, although hair that is not supposed to fall off will grow back after stress or trauma is managed. In addition, excessive and rapid weight loss or gain can also cause balding.

Myth 5: To avoid hair loss, stay away from hair products such as gels and sprays.

There is no need to avoid these. They cannot cause baldness. Mechanical manipulation of hair like using curling or straightening irons can speed up the process of hair loss.

Myth 6: Heavy consumption of carbohydrates can cause baldness.

Carbohydrates provide essential nutrients that are necessary to maintain healthy hair. However, iron deficiency is closely linked to baldness. Taking iron supplements is best to prevent rapid hair loss.

Myth 7: Sexually active men are more likely to go bald.

This is a popular myth. This is not true though. Bald men have lesser testosterone than those who are hairy.

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Vitamins and Minerals for Hair Growth

In the last 20 years our diet has significantly evolved around consumption of processed foods insufficient of the required nutrients that a healthy body needs. Due to the economic turmoil we are experiencing eating healthy is regarded as expensive and unaffordable especially if you’ll adapt an all natural diet and will stay away from processed foods. As a result people are now burden with lifestyle diseases that are quickly raising our mortality and morbidity rates. Children and adults are exposed to various health risks. In a typical American diet the loss of essential vitamins and minerals are very evident in symptoms like stunted growth, depressed immune system, skin breakouts and hair fall or baldness.

Hair loss is a problem many old people experience because as we age our hair follicles lose the ability to grow. Unfortunately many people nowadays also share the problem of hair loss at a young age. Although genetic causes still play a major role in hair loss problems many individuals are starting to notice a diminished hair growth in their manes, this can be caused by a number of factors like the following.

  1. Sickness or Cancer – hair loss is a side effect of cancer treatment called chemotherapy. As it aims to target cancer cells it also destroys the normal cells in the process contributing to hair loss.
  2. Hormone problems – our hormones basically control or provide balance in our body’s processes and any imbalance will yield a variety of symptoms and conditions. For example if there is an increase or decrease in the activity of the thyroid gland then hair falls out. Some pregnant moms experiences hair loss following pregnancy because of the sudden drop of hormones in the mother’s baby after delivery.
  3. Medications – particularly medicines for heart problems and antidepressants
  4. Auto immune disease – A condition known as Alopecia Areata makes your hair thinner but it will eventually grow back.
  5. Scalp infection – some fungal infections in children causes them to become bald. Treatment of the infection will promote re-growth of the hair.
  6. Hair Treatments- Strong chemicals used for styling hair such as color treatments, bleaching and straightening products can cause the hair to fall out. These chemicals can also dry the hair making it weak and prone to easy breakage. Brushing excessively can pull the hair out and contribute to hair loss.

Hair growth takes on a process that usually lasts for 2 to 3 years. A hair strand grows around 1 centimeter a month. There are 2 phases of hair growth, the growing phase which is called anagen and the resting phase called telogen. Whenever a hair strand falls out, a new one replaces it and marks the beginning of another cycle.

Hair growth is supplemented by the vitamins and minerals we acquire from the food that we eat. Vitamins and minerals contribute to the growth of thick, smooth and strong strands of hair. Here are the following essential vitamins that promote hair growth.

  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Beta Carotene
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Biotin

Supplementing the body with the above mentioned vitamins and minerals will help in promoting hair growth. With proper hair care, enough rest and sleep your hair will grow long, strong and silky.

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Treating Hair loss with Natural Supplements

Looking at your bathroom floor and seeing a bunch of hair scattered on the wet tiled floor you realize that you are losing precious mane more than ever. For men and women alike losing hair is embarrassing especially if it’s in your genes and countless hair treatments seem to have no effect. Before you give up the fight against hair loss why not try to treat it using natural supplements. Medical advances have produced various treatments for hair loss however depending on the cause and extent of hair loss, natural treatments may prove to be effective and less expensive.

First step is to eat a healthy diet. It has been stressed many times that eating healthy will produce a healthy mind, body and spirit. What we intake into our body will either make it more beautiful or destroy it entirely. Focus on foods that are rich in vitamins, protein and the ones that as less fat content. Not only are you eating to promote hair growth but you’re eating your way into a healthier body if you try a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish and low carbohydrates and sweets. One good source of protein that comprises the hair strands is those foods rich is essential fatty acids like walnuts, soy and fish. Make sure to have adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids in fish like salmon because this promotes growth of healthy hair.

Also another important nutrient to include in the diet is the Vitamin B12 which can be found in eggs, lean meat and poultry. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient to make hair thick, soft and shiny. Doctors often have patients who come in for hair loss treatment and find out that these patients have a deficiency of vitamin B12. While you are at it shopping groceries that are rich sources of Vitamin B12, don’t forget to grab some for the rest of the vitamin B especially, biotin. Most hair treatment medications prescribed to patients include a supplement of this nutrient, biotin as it shows improved results on hair growth and in healthy skin and nails as well. Biotin is present in food sources such as liver and egg yolks but it would take a great amount of calories to achieve the right amount so it is best to take supplements rather than take big servings of liver and egg yolks.

Another supplement that is strongly advised to be taken alongside medical treatment for hair loss among women is methylsulfonylmethane or MSM which is essential in the process of hair growth.

Natural supplements are beneficial in hair growth but personal everyday care for your hair helps in achieving thick, soft and healthy hair. Diet rich in protein, low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals are the key components of having long, shiny and beautiful hair. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as straightening creams and abrasive coloring substances that can strip your hair of its natural moisture and shine. Just like our skin the hair needs moisturizing to prevent it from drying due to hot and extreme cold weather. Cleanse your hair with mild shampoo and moisturize it with a mild conditioner.

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Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Surgical Treatment

Ever wonder how celebrities appear short haired today and have long beautiful hair the following week without putting a wig on? Hair extensions and hair transplant are the trend of most salons and hair care industries in Hollywood today. This medical advancement which makes it possible for Hollywood stars can also be the cure for people suffering from hair thinning and hair loss.

Surgical hair transplants are now available and each person who wishes to have their bald thinning hair days to be gone can come true. Hair transplant done surgically takes on a lot of skill and expertise to be able to pull off a good job to have your mane come out as natural as possible. When thinking of having a hair transplant done you should scout for the best surgeon in the field as it does not cost cheap and with that amount of money you’ll be spending, better have the best possible results from it. The best in field of hair transplant usually performs procedures that include follicular unit grafting, the newer follicular unit extraction procedure, eyebrow and other body, reparative procedures, and facial hair transplants. These procedures are very tedious and difficult to perform which is why most hair transplant surgeries costs are very expensive but rest assured that after the procedure has been done you are guaranteed with positive results and leave you feeling every penny was worth it.

Hair transplantation is the surgically removal of some hair at the back of the head and implanting it on areas that are balding or thinning. This process of transplantation on bald areas does not affect the ability of the implanted hair to grow. Candidates for surgery should have ample hair at the back of their head to serve as donor to the balding areas. But with advanced techniques most surgeons can now utilized a small amount of hair and make it grow sufficiently on the balding part making it possible for more candidates to qualify for the hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant surgeries are often combined with medical treatment of Minoxidil which further improved the quality of hair growth of the transplanted hair.

Before going into hair transplantation it is very important to determine the cause of the hair loss. Temporary hair loss from medications or treatments such as chemotherapy shouldn’t be treated with surgical hair transplant, not only will it be a waste of money it will be senseless for hair will grow back naturally when the treatment causing temporary hair loss stops. Only permanent hair loss from a scalp trauma and genetic or hereditary in nature suggests surgical hair transplants as a treatment option.

Like in any other treatments one should consult with a doctor first to conduct a series of tests, evaluation and determine cause of the baldness before deciding if one should have a surgical hair transplant treatment. It will also be best to try non surgical hair loss treatments first to see if it can give positive results and there will be no need to resort to hair transplant.

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