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Get That Good Cholesterol

We always hear that cholesterol is bad for the body and we should avoid it at all cost. But what most of us don’t know is that not all type of cholesterol is bad. As a matter of fact, cholesterol is needed by the body to be healthy too.

Good cholesterol or high density lipoprotein (HDL) is much needed by the body to perform its functions. When a person has increased level of good cholesterol, he is at lesser risk of having cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis. Good cholesterol also fights bad cholesterol in the body which is the main culprit for most diseases.

In order to be healthy, we must always include foods that are rich in good cholesterol in our meals. Here are some of the foods where we can get good cholesterol.

  • Oatmeal

Foods that are rich in fiber are also rich in good cholesterol. The fiber in oatmeal acts like little sponges that wipe away bad cholesterol deposits in the arteries paving way for a healthier cardiovascular system.

  • Salmon and Tuna

Deep sea fishes particularly salmon and tuna are good sources of Omega 3 which is healthy oil that is a good source of good cholesterol. In fact most cardiologists recommend eating two meals with these varieties of fish every week is enough to raise the good cholesterol in the blood stream.

  • Walnuts, Peanuts, and Almonds

All kinds nuts are actually good sources of good cholesterol. The polyunsaturated fat content of these nuts are good in preventing heart diseases from haunting the body.

  • Apples

The saying that an apple a day takes the doctor away holds true. Apples contain pectin, a compound needed to lower levels of triglycerides in the body thus preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular disorders.

  • Brown Rice

Brown rice is a very healthy carbohydrate. It is rich in soluble fiber that specifically functions in raising good cholesterol in the body. Brown rice is actually recommended to be eaten by those who have heart conditions because of its health benefits.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil especially is healthy oil known to lower bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol in the body. Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants needed to eliminate toxins and free radicals that cause diseases.

  • Garlic

Garlic is good for persons who have heart conditions as it helps lower blood pressure. This herb also contains compounds that help lower blood cholesterol.

These foods are proven to help increase the number of good cholesterol in the body. Eating these foods, together with exercise, and healthy lifestyle will surely help the body be healthy and free of diseases.

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Reasons to Love Chocolates Even More

As children we always hear our parents say not to eat too much chocolate because it is bad for the health. But chocolates can actually be good for the health. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of medical professionals who recommend eating chocolates for the benefits it gives our bodies.

But not all types of chocolates give us the benefits that we want. Dark chocolates specifically those that went on less processing are the ones which are healthy. Cocoa too is considered to be healthy because it underwent minimal processing preserving the good components in the chocolate. Milk chocolates like most brands in the market have lost their health value because of the many processes it underwent losing its significant compositions that make chocolates healthy.

Here are the reasons why chocolates (dark chocolates and cocoa) are healthy and why we should love these sweet treats even more:

  • Chocolates contain high amount of antioxidants. It contains flavanoids which is a very potent antioxidant specifically needed by the body to get rid of harmful elements that we get from food, water, and the air. Antioxidants lessens the risk of a person on acquiring diseases especially cancer.
  • The flavanoids content of chocolates help lower bad cholesterol in the body. Bad cholesterol is harmful to the body as it is linked to cause diseases of the heart like atherosclerosis.
  • Flavanoids found in chocolates are also promotes proper blood flow from the heart to all parts of the body. When there is good flow of blood especially on the major organs like the brain, liver, and the heart, they function well and diseases are prevented.
  • Chocolates with flavanoids have contents that help balance hormonal levels in the body needed for proper body function.
  • Chocolates help release brain cells release endorphins which gives the feeling of happiness and contentment. People who are suffering pain needs high endorphin levels to help reduce the pain they are feeling.
  • Chocolates has serotonin, another neurotransmitter from the brain that helps people deal with depression well. Many of those who are depressed grab a bite of chocolate to give them comfort. Since serotonin is considered to be a happy hormone, eating chocolates has the ability to help a person get away with depression.

Although chocolate gives a lot of benefits to our health, still too much it is bad. In order for us to get the benefits it gives, we must eat chocolate in moderation. Eating more than what you should can make you prone other diseases like diabetes mellitus.

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The Health Benefits of Olive Oil

When we hear the word olive oil the first thing that comes to our minds is food as olive oil is used to increase flavor to a lot of dishes. But there is more to olive oil than that. Olive oil is used as massage oil, ointments, moisturizers, and as herbal medicine especially for the Mediterranean’s.

Olive oil comes from the olive plant that is usually grown in parts of Mediterranean and Europe. People have been using olive oil for thousands of years already. Olive oil is used for both culinary and medicinal purposes.

All of us know that olive oil makes our food taste good, but little do we know that it is very beneficial to our health. Here are the health benefits that olive oil offer and why we should increase our intake of olive oil in our diets:

Olive oil is good for the heart.

It has high contents of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) better known as the good cholesterol which fights bad cholesterol preventing diseases. Intake of olive oil prevents the formation of coronary heart diseases.

Olive oil has polyphenol, which makes it function like what Aspirin does. It helps promote the blood platelets to be less sticky and lowers the risk of clotting which makes it very good to the heart. Stoke and heart attacks are unlikely to happen when the person regularly use olive oil.

Olive oil is good for healing stomach ulcers.

The polyphenol content of olive oil has anti bacterial properties that fight the bacteria in charge for creating ulcers in the stomach. Apart from that it has been proven that high intake of olive oil prevents the risk of a person to acquire stomach cancer as it coats the stomach lining inhibiting stomach ulcer formation that later on leads to cancer.

Olive oil prevents the risk of acquiring colon cancer.

Olive oil is a good source of monounsaturated fats that coats the intestinal wall and lessens inflammation thus averting cancer cells formation in the colon.

Olive oil is good for diabetic patients.

It lowers triglyceride levels in the blood. People who always have olive on the diet have normal blood sugar levels preventing the occurrence of diabetes mellitus.

Olive oil prevents premature aging.

Olive oil has high contents of Vitamin A&E which are known to be powerful antioxidants that helps restore skin’s natural moisture and luster.

In a world of modern technology, it is nice to know that there are gifts from nature that helps promote good health and a better life.

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What is the Perfect Heart Diet?

Our heart is one of the busiest and perhaps the most important part of our bodies. It plays multiple functions like pumping blood from the smallest cell to the larger body organs. Our heart has been working since we were still in our mother’s womb and up to this very day. That is why it is our duty to take good care of our heart because it has been taking care of us all our lives.

Our heart functions well depending on a lot of factors. Genetics, lifestyle, healthy diet, and exercise all contribute to keeping our heart in the best condition possible. Although we can’t do anything with our genetic makeup as some families are more prone to have heart conditions than others; we can be take good care of hearts by modifying our lifestyles.

Modifying our diets and looking after what we eat is very important to keep the heart going in doing is duties. If the one is already suffering from heart ailments, the more he should watch what he puts in his mouth. Here are the simple tips on how to have a perfect diet for your diet.

  • Eat a balanced diet based from the food pyramid. Eating foods in the right amount keeps one on a good weight needed to keep the heart maintain optimum function.
  • Limit intake of foods rich in sodium. High intake of salty foods can increase a person to have high blood pressure that causes too much pressure to the heart to successfully pump blood to all the body parts.

-For working people who love to eat at fast food restaurants, it would be best to pack your lunch because food being served at these places has high salt and preservatives that are all bad for the heart’s health.

- As early as young age, parents should teach their children that eating chips and other junk foods are not good for the health. These foods have very high salt content that causes harm to the heart and the kidneys.

  • Always have fruits and vegetables in your diet. It does not only speed up metabolism needed to get rid of body wastes, it is proven to be beneficial to the heart as well.
  • Stay away from fatty foods. Foods like bacon, ham, cakes, and pastries are just some of the foods rich in bad cholesterol. When there is too much of them, it can cause the arteries to be blocked limiting efficient blood supply to the body and back to the heart. If it is impossible to stay away from these foods you can always find alternative ways of cooking them like using pure vegetable oil in frying or grilling meats instead of deep frying. These are ways to make fatty foods less unhealthy.
  • Include fish in your diet. Fish are good sources of essential fatty oils which is good for the heart. Good cholesterol fights bad cholesterol in the body.

It is important that we watch what we eat because everything that we put in out mouth affects the most important part of our body, the heart.

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Why Running is Good for the Heart?

The heart is a vital organ that does a lot of function to keep the body in the best health possible. The heart is in charge of pumping blood so that it reaches all the parts of the body. When our heart fails to function well, all parts of the body will suffer. Taking good care of our hearts include eating well balanced meals, staying away from too much stress, refraining from alcohol and smoking, and exercise.

Exercise proves to do a lot of healthy benefits to the body. Exercise promotes proper blood circulation, initiates elimination of harmful cholesterol excreted thru sweat, enhances proper function of joints and muscles, keeps the body’s weight within the normal limit, promotes psychological well being, and promote good function to major body organs including the heart to name a few.

One of the best forms of exercise that proves to be good to the heart and that is running. Running has become one of the most used forms of exercise because of results it bring and how it is so convenient. Unlike other exercises which requires training with a trainer and going to the gym, running can be done in one’s home and neighborhood. All the person needs to have is a good pair of running shoes and he is set to go. Professionals choose running over other forms of exercise as it fits their schedules and can perform it anytime they want it. But the main reason why a lot of people choose running amongst all the different ways of exercising is because it very good to the most loved organ of the body, the heart.

Here are the reasons why running is good for the heart:

  • Running enhances blood flow to the heart so that can it can efficiently supply to all the parts of the body.
  • The heart being a muscle needs exercise to boost overall performance. Thru running, the heart muscle is strengthened further so that it can function well.
  • Running increases the number of good cholesterol in the blood. Good cholesterol fights bad cholesterol which is the main cause of diseases like atherosclerosis.
  • Running helps get rid of the unwanted body fat so that it can’t stick on the blood vessels and affect blood circulation causing double workload for the heart.
  • Running helps promote blood pressure within normal levels because it helps expand the arteries allowing good blood flow.
  • Running reduces stress especially when done outdoors. Running while breathing fresh air is the ultimate stress eliminator and stress is the main reason why a person can have heart problems including heart attacks.
  • Running reduces the risk of acquiring diseases like diabetes which also greatly affects the heart as it limits blood supply to the organs of the body especially the nerves.

Running is very good for your heart. Make it your form of exercise now!

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