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Five Secrets to a Slimmer You

 Getting slim or maintaining one’s figure is very difficult for most people because of the fact that it requires discipline and sacrifice. Because the world nowadays is always on the go, the basic needs of the body have become less important. People have less time to prepare a decent meal for themselves, which makes them end up eating instant food or even fast food, which eventually results to obesity or certain illnesses. They also have little or no time to exercise which greatly affects their overall strength and stamina. Add these two to certain habits like sleeping less, drinking too much alcohol, and smoking, and you got your body crying for help.

The road to a slimmer, healthier and fitter you is not a hard path to cross. All you need is a little patience, discipline, and time, as well as these guidelines:


In addition to the healthy foods that you should consume, you can add some of these foods which help a lot in maintaining your figure and health:

  1. Coffee – coffee contains caffeine which is known to increase one’s metabolism. It also contributes to the breakdown of fat with lypolysis. It is recommended that a person consume at least one to two cups each day.
  2. Yogurt – even though dairy products are known for its high-calorie content, yogurt aids in the reduction of fat absorption inside the body due to its high content of probiotics or what the call the good bacteria.
  3. Green Tea – green tea is known to have catechins which most experts believe helps a lot in burning fats around the belly. By consuming at least 3 cups of green tea a day, it helps your heart rate rise which gives the signal to your bodily systems to speed up the burning of calories.
  4. Cinnamon – a teaspoon of this condiment on one of your daily delicacies helps your body in making the blood sugar penetrate your cells. When this happens, these sugars are converted to energy, which also prevents storage of fats.


A specific exercise for people who wants to get slimmer is the cardio workout. By spending at least 30 minutes everyday for cardio workout, you are helping yourself increase your heart rate which speeds up the burning of calories.

 Organic Products

One of the best organic products known to provide slimming benefits is white tea. White tea is highly popular especially with oriental women. They have been using this beverage for many centuries which is why you seldom see a fat oriental woman. This is because white tea increases their metabolic rates.


This line maybe one of the oldest that you have heard, but it really does works wonders – “drink at least eight glasses of water a day”. By drinking water, you are helping your body flush out unwanted toxins and fats which leads to a slimmer you.


Maintaining a positive attitude makes you look and feel younger inside and out. Also, you can do anything by keeping that positive attitude everyday.  

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Brain Exercises to Improve Brain Strength

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. No matter how hard you exercise and spend so many hours on the treadmill, when there are a lot of things that bother you, yes you will lose weight but not in a pleasing way. With dieting you will have the body you have always desired to have but when there are many problems that you are always thinking of, you will still not look great. The mind is just as important as the body. But oftentimes we forget to give importance to it. We try to concentrate more on doing things to make our bodies the healthiest it can be. Yet, we forget to do simple things for our brain.

While there are a lot of known exercises for the body, there is limited information on what are the ways to keep the brain to function well. For all those who want to love their brains, here are some of the ways on how to improve brain strength:

• Read. Reading exercises the brain and it helps boost the brain’s power. Aside from the knowledge that you will get from reading, it helps sharpen your mind. Those who love to read have lesser chances to have memory loss as compared to those who do not love reading at all. There are no specific topics that you should read to increase brain strength. Just reading your daily newspaper is already a good start to boost mental alertness and power.

• Play mind games like Sudoku and crossword puzzles. Challenging your mental capability will help you gain brain strength. Just like a long distance walk will keep your body stronger over time. Mind games help retain mental alertness and sharpness and will help prevent premature memory loss that is very common now a day.

  • Learn to play a musical instrument. When you continuously challenge yourself to do things you never did, it is a good way to exercise the brain. Constant challenges are like hurdles that will make your brain stronger and your memory sharper which is specifically important as you grow old.
  • Do yoga. While yoga is good for the body, it is specifically good for the brain too. It helps balance things out and is good to release stress.
  • Massage. It helps relax the body and of course one’s mental health. It helps release tension and stresses that can affect the brain’s proper functioning. A stress free brain and body will function better as compared to those who are in constant problems.

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Controlling Your Blood Pressure Minus the Medications

There are a lot of ways on which you can have your blood pressure at normal levels. The best option you have is to use ways in which medicines are not needed. Natural ways in keeping blood pressure normal are always best it does not pose any harmful side effects. Plus these ways won’t make your body dependent on modern treatments because it is able to regulate its own blood pressure levels.

Here are some of the ways on how you can control your blood pressure levels sans medications:

  • Maintain a healthy weight. People who have trunk obesity or those that have fat thickness deposited on the abdomen are at risk to have irregularities with their blood pressure levels. Aside from that, obesity makes one prone to have conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • Eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are the best foods that you should always include on your daily diet because they are healthy for the body especially when it comes to maintaining normal blood pressure levels. Avoid foods that have too much salt content like pickles, anchovies, and junk foods. Sodium is one of the main culprits why there is high blood pressure.
  • Exercise. It is one of the best things to do to keep a healthy body. As you exercise, you release toxins out of the body which is one of the major reasons why we get sick. Exercising also melts down excess fat paving way for a healthier cardiovascular system. Just make sure that you don’t over exercise because it can also lead to hypotension.
  • Limit alcohol intake. Small sip of alcohol daily is good for the heart and help regulate the blood pressure. When taken in excess, drinking of alcohol can lead to having high blood pressure.

Together with the methods mentioned above, it also best to see the doctor at least twice a year so that the body’s vital signs will be constantly monitored.

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Dealing with Menopause

During menopause, the woman’s ovaries stops on producing eggs and her body discontinues releasing important hormones for reproductive function like estrogen and progesterone. This hampers the woman’s capability to produce an offspring. But it is not just her chance of conceiving that is affected; her sexual desire is lessen to because of the loss of the sexual hormones. This can sometimes have an effect on her relationship with her partner. Woman who are experiencing the “big switch” in menopause often experience hot flushes, sweating at night, different mood swings, lessened libido, and cold flashes.

Dealing and adjusting with menopause is not easy. It takes time to be adjusted with the thought that you are already a totally different woman from what you are used to. It may be hard at first, but you can definitely make it just like what others did.

Here are some of the ways on how to deal with menopause:

  • Think positive and always remember that all the discomforts you are feeling will just pass. Once your body is adjusted and settled with the changes, you won’t be feeling the symptoms anymore. Although it may take months and even years for the body to free from the symptoms of menopause, you can do it just like anybody else you know.
  • Night sweats and hot flashes happen because of the extension of the blood vessels due to the diminishing levels of estrogen in the body. The best way to lessen these symptoms is by eating calcium rich foods.
  • One of the reasons why women have decreased libido come menopause is because of the reduced vaginal lubrication which makes sexual contact less pleasurable. Use over the counter vaginal lubricants will help in lessening the discomforts you will be feeling during sexual intercourse.
  • Exercise! It is a very good stress reliever plus it is good for your overall health. When you are burdened by the by all the discomforts that you are feeling, the best way to fight is thru exercise.
  • Eat healthy. Stay away from alcohol, too much sweets, and fatty foods. You are more prone to having heart conditions this time now that you decreased levels of estrogen in the blood.
  • Pamper yourself. You deserve to do things that you love the most like going to the salon or getting a massage and other things that will make you feel better. It will not help of you constantly think on the symptoms that you are feeling.

Menopause is not a time in your life that should be feared. Instead it should be embraced with open arms knowing that you have reached another chapter into your life as a woman.

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Health Benefits of Sauna

One of the ways on how we can promote health and wellness into our bodies is to have regular sauna sessions. Saunas are rooms that produce steam. But because of the advancement of technology, saunas are made to suit everyone’s convenience. Others may think that saunas are just for relief of extreme cold during winter months and for leisure purposes, but in actuality saunas give the body a lot of health benefits.

The following are some of the health benefits of having a sauna:

  • Spending fifteen to twenty minutes on a sauna session gives the same benefits of brisk walking for about an hour. You will sweat and have an increase of heart rate just like what it does during exercising. As a matter of fact those who have been dying to lose weight found promising results that goes with having sauna sessions. With the convenience of not exercising they still the benefits of losing weight that exercise gives.
  • Those who are suffering from the agonizing discomforts of joint pains and arthritis are advised to have sauna sessions because it helps increase proper blood circulation on the lower extremities so relief is provided. Some sufferers even claim that they do not have pain episodes because of regular sauna sessions.
  • Sauna baths are good for those who want to get away with stress. Thru sweat, stress hormones are released. Most would claim that they feel rejuvenated especially from a tiring week at work after having sauna.
  • Saunas pave way for a healthier body because it releases toxins thru sweat that are one of the major reasons why one gets sick. Those who regularly saunas also have beautiful skin because impurities is also excreted making the skin looking young and vibrant.
  •  Those who have cough, colds, asthma, and other respiratory infections are advised to have a sauna bath because it helps the secretions to be easily released making way for a clearer lungs and of course a healthier respiratory system.

Saunas do give a lot of benefits to the body. But before deciding on having your first sauna session, make sure you have seen your doctor for medical advice. Some are not fit to have saunas like those who heart conditions and those who are pregnant. Once you have the go signal from your doctor, then that is the time for you to have a sauna bath. In this way you will be able to get the hot benefits that sauna baths give.

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Ways to Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally

The kidneys are bean-shaped organ that does a lot of functions to the body. It helps regulate body fluids, excrete body waste thru urine, and regulate blood pressure. Aside from that it also produces the hormones renin and erythropoietin which is much needed by the body for proper functioning.

The kidney is one important organ in the body as does so many functions. But sometimes, we tend to forget to take care of them. Eating too many salt or sweet foods, drinking too much caffeinated drinks and alcohol, failure to drink enough water, and engaging into contact sports are things that can lead the kidneys failure to do the functions properly. This in turn makes the kidneys acquire conditions like renal abscess and glomerulonephritis to name a few that can even lead to renal failure when left unmanaged.

Aside from the diseases mentioned above, one of the most common conditions that can affect the kidneys is having renal or kidney stones. Kidney stones or medically known as ureterolithiasis can be formed as a result of accumulating too much urinary minerals that the kidneys failed to excrete. When a person already has the symptoms of kidney stones, he will then have the symptoms like having colicky pain of the worst pain that a person could ever experience, presence of puss in the urine, having blood strains in the urine, and reduced amount of urine due to kidney stones blockage. The kidney stones can be eliminated out of the body on its own, or by taking medications or surgery.

Having kidney stones is feared not just of the agonizing symptoms it has but most especially because of the harmful effects it gives the body. When left unmanaged, kidney stones can be a reason of having kidney failure which can lead to death.

Just like in all diseases, prevention holds to be much better than cure. Here are some of the ways to get rid of kidney stones naturally:

  • Drink more than eight glasses of water every day. Water is like fuel that keeps the kidneys to function well. When a person drinks less water, his urine is concentrated creating more chances of having stone formation.
  • Control intake of salty, and calcium rich foods because they increase the chances of having kidney stone formation.
  • Eat foods that are healthy like fruits and vegetables but most especially watermelon and celery. They have high water content in them making it healthier for the kidneys.
  • Exercise! Exercising helps get rid of the unwanted body fluids thru sweating.

We may have two kidneys but it is a must to take good care of both of them. Although, the other kidney can clean the body when one losses function. Still it is not an assurance that it won’t get damaged like the other kidney.

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Benefits of Going to a Gym

It is common knowledge that apart from having a well-balanced diet and meeting the doctor regularly, one of the best ways to be healthy is by exercising. It is thru exercise that the body gets rid of toxins and excretes it thru sweat. Aside from that, exercising also helps dissolve fat deposits of the body making a person stick to a healthy weight. There are also a number of people that choose to exercise because it serves as a good stress buster. Most often these would people claim that they feel much relief after they exercise especially when they are facing too much stress from work and from personal issues.

Many people have already recognized good effects that exercise gives the health. Realizing this, many people even with their busy schedules leave the bum lifestyle and try their best to fit exercising into their daily activities. Different people have different preference when it comes to exercising. They want to do it either at home or another facility like the gym.

A lot of people would say that it is always best to exercise at the gym as compared to doing fitness routines at home. To further understand about this claim, here are some of the benefits of going to the gym:

  • You can have a personal trainer on the gym. When you have someone who motivates and guide you, then you are close to meeting your goals. Personal trainers are also there to assist and make sure that you are following proper techniques of exercising. With the presence of an instructor, you are able to concentrate on areas that you either want to tone or improve.
  • There are also lesser injuries and exercise related accidents when done in a gym. Aside from the presence of a personal trainer, the equipments are also usually well maintained ensuring that those who are using would not be injured.
  •  Being in the gym makes you concentrate on your goals and increase your sense of motivation as you see other people exercising. When you exercise at home, you tend to lax and do other things. At the gym you are sure on the reason why came there and that is to exercise.
  • Exercising in the gym will help enhance your social life. You get to meet new set of people and establish friendships. Later on you will have these people not just as your regular gym buddies, but life’s confidants as well.

Exercising on the gym surely does give numerous benefits. But it really depends on you on where you want to exercise. After all it is your body and you have sole autonomy to choose on what to chose best, either to exercise or opt to exercise in the gym.

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The Good Benefits of Tai Chi

In the world that we live in where economic recession is very evident, it pays to be healthy. Hospital services are so expensive and there would be times that your insurance won’t cover for the cost for a certain procedure that you will need. That is why it is very important to prevent the occurrence of diseases rather than paying big amount of money to find cure.

Aside from having a well balanced diet, one of the best known ways to help the body from having diseases is by exercising. Many recognized the benefits that exercising does to their health. But there are so many ways on how to exercise which makes a lot of us confused on what routines to choose. For those who haven’t made the decision on what exercise suits you best, why not try tai chi?

Tai chi is not originally a form of exercise. It was invented and use in Ancient China as a form of self defense and martial art. But in the present times, it is more used as exercise because of the health benefits it gives. Here are some of the good benefits of tai chi and why you should consider it as a form of exercise:

  • Tai chi is a good form of exercise. An hour routine is enough to get rid of the unwanted fats of the body and toxins. This is good form of exercise for those who want to lose and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Tai chi is an exercise that all could participate in. It is not too strenuous just like other cardiovascular exercises which make one prone to accidents. In fact it is a recommended exercise for those who have poor gait and posture like the elderly.
  • Among all form exercise, tai chi is considered to be one of those that help people experiencing stress. Stress is one of the great contributory factors why a person gets sick so it is a must to get rid of it.
  • As the body is able to relax even when exercising, those who are troubled with getting good quality of sleep are often relieved with tai chi. Tai chi is often recommended for those who are suffering with sleep disorders like insomnia.
  • Tai chi helps the person connect with itself and nature. This helps the body breathe and heal itself from all the harmful elements it has been exposed to.

Tai chi is an inexpensive exercise routine that you can participate in so it would not be a problem if you are on a strict budget. Try tai chi and reap the health benefits it has to offer.

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