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Suppressing Your Hunger Naturally With Foods

Getting into the body that you want is not that easy. It entails a lot of sacrifice and determination because usually losing weight is a process of hit and miss. Others are even so much into dieting that they do not eat anything at all. These in turn makes them sick and prone to have diseases.

While many consider using diet pills and over the counter appetite supplements because they tend to be more effective in making one achieve their target bodies. But using these medications can give harmful side effects to the body. Most of the time, what they give the body are harm rather than good. Some of these diet pills are poorly manufactured which is what makes them a threat to the health.

When you are on a diet, it seems that you tend to get hungry all the time especially when you are not following the right kind of dieting. While taking over the counter appetite suppressants should not be an option because of the health risks it gives the body, there are also foods that will make us full for a longer period of time making us eat less during the day. When we eat less, we are able to achieve our target body weight slowly but surely.

Here are some of the foods that are known to suppress hunger naturally:


Apples are one of the best appetite suppressants. Eating a big apple will make you feel so full, some cannot even consume the entire fruit because it makes one feel satisfied and not want to eat more. What makes this fruit best for weight loss is the fact that it makes one feel full for longer periods of time so there would be lesser chances of longing for your cravings which is very common during dieting.


Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods that you could ever have. It contains high amount of fiber needed to help promote faster metabolism. Plus it helps suppress hunger. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is enough to make you full and not to think of eating on snacks.

Green Vegetables Salad

Lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, and other vegetables you can think of are best in beating your hunger. What’s best about these foods is that you do not need to set limits on the quantity that you need to eat. Eating green vegetables salad is like feasting in an “all you can eat” restaurant without having to worry that you are going to get fat. But just make sure that you do not have those unhealthy dressings on your salad like mayonnaise or else you will be getting fat.


When you are hungry, drink a glass of water. Others drink two glasses of water before having their meals so that they can eat less because they are already full. What is best about water is that you can drink all you want because you are just going to urinate and excrete it thru sweat. Plus water is good for the skin and the entire body as well.

Try these natural appetite suppressants and find that this is an effective way of being healthy without the fear of any side effects.

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A Guide to Buying Diet Pills

Many people are very determined to lose weight that they try all sorts of ways just to achieve their desired weight. Dieting and exercise can become frustrating for some especially if results are not very immediate. Some people will spend hours exercising in the gym and resist the temptation to eat at fast food chains all in the name of achieving the goal of a targeted weight loss. Sometimes exercise and diet is not enough to see the much wanted weight loss and this is where the help of diet pills comes into place.

Choosing the right diet pill for you should be dealt with sufficient research and consideration. There are a lot of diet pills out there that are not considered safe to use because of harmful side effects and are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. You should be wary in choosing pills that advertise weight loss in just a small amount of time and those who promise guaranteed weight loss results without the need for exercise. These diet pills will most likely turn out to be hoax. For one thing, one cannot lose weight just by diet pills alone. Contrary to common belief, diet pills cannot be effective without exercise. For an individual to lose weight in a healthy way there should be an increase in the physical activity to burn calories stored as fat from the food we eat. Only when burned calories are higher than ingested calories will weight loss be determined.

There are two types of diet pills in the market. The over the counter diet pill and those that require prescription. Most over the counter diet pills contain caffeine which makes the heart beat faster and raises the body’s metabolic rate. Some may contain herbal extracts like green tea which like caffeine increases the body’s basal metabolic rate that helps in burning fat. Prescription diet pills are more potent than over the counter diet pills. You must consult your doctor and be evaluated physically to determine if there will be drug interactions to current medical conditions. Conditions such as heart problems, kidney and liver disease will need to be considered in prescribing the right diet pill for you. The most common prescription diet pill has the ingredient called Phentermine which mimics a neurotransmitter in the brain that acts to inform the brain that the person is already full thus the urge to eat is fairly decreased.

Check for approval seal of the Food and Drug Administration before buying a diet pill. Make sure that if you have certain medical conditions to check with the doctor first before taking any diet pill available over the counter. Do not be attracted to cheap diet pills with foreign language in their labels you cannot read and understand. Check for ingredients that are harmful and should be avoided like Ephedra. This substance was a common ingredient in diet pills and was banned in 2003 because of evidence that it causes arrhythmias which can further lead to a heart attack.

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Natural Weight Loss versus Diet Pills

Losing weight is never an easy battle. For some it can be very hard and frustrating especially if one does not see immediate results. There are many ways a person can lose weight either naturally or with the help of medical science.

Many people argue on the most effective way to lose those excess pounds. As people get crammed in their busy schedule there is less time to do it naturally by engaging in regular physical activities so they resort to the quickest route – diet pills. But how safe and effective are diet pills versus natural weight loss?

Most people perceive that losing weight quickly shows the effectiveness of a weight loss method. Pharmaceutical companies are coming up with more ways on how to market their weight loss pills attracting individuals with faster results than the conventional way of dieting and exercise. With a busy schedule a person will easily get engrossed in the thought of losing weight without the hard work. But taking this path may put a person at risk for certain health conditions associated with diet pills and the results promised may not be entirely achieved.

Diet pills or weight loss supplements will not make you lose weight without exercise. The prevailing misconception about diet pills is that it can give a person the liberty to eat anything and do nothing and still lose pounds. This is not true as weight loss primarily depends on burning calories more than your caloric intake. This means your physical activity should be higher to burn more calories than what you eat in a specified amount of time. Nobody enjoys eating less and doing more exercise everyday. It takes a lot of will power, perseverance and hard work for a person to discipline himself into avoiding delicious yet sinful dishes that constitute a high caloric diet. The thought of having to give up doughnuts, cookies, hamburgers and fried chicken can be torture for some people and much more by replacing these foods with vegetables and fruits along with regular walks and visits to the gym when all you feel like doing is lie down on your couch.

Diet pills can be helpful to an existing healthy diet and exercise regimen for weight loss. It will boost the body’s capacity to lose weight while eating properly and engaging in regular physical exercise. But if you will only use diet pills to lose weight you should be cautioned about the side effects it may cause. Some of these side effects are cramps, gas, diarrhea, headache, constipation, increased heart rate and insomnia. With all these side effects you may want to think twice before popping that pill.

Natural weight loss from a low calorie diet and regular physical exercise is still the best way to achieve desired weight loss. There are many variations of exercises that suits every individual and many gyms and fitness centers tailors most of their programs with an individuals personal preference and lifestyle. People who enjoy the outdoors can do jogging and brisk walking in parks and fields while people who want to exercise with their friends can join a class to enjoy belly dancing or yoga. There are many options to choose from and going the natural way is risk free. All you need to have is the will to keep your eyes on the goal and stick to your chosen diet and exercise regimen and in no time you’ll reap the benefits of your hard work.

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Herbal Diet Pills That Work

The power of herbal diet pills luring the public have always been there and the desire of individuals to feel sexier and more confident with their figures have never been this demanding. These pills work by altering one’s metabolism as well as as calorie absorption. Before consumption, a doctor should always be consulted. This is to prevent any untoward reactions and for the dosage to be controlled. Even if the supplements are mainly herbal in nature, some ingredients can be considered as synthetic and therefore, caution should be made.

Acai Berry Select is one of the most celebrated herbal pills present in the market. It is composed L-theanine, Chromium and EGCG from Green Tea extracts. The Acai Berry comes from an indigenous plant in the Amazon which is believed to have powerful antioxidants while the rest of the ingredients control the levels of blood sugar and hastens metabolism which result to weight loss. Since the manufacturers profess that the product is 100% natural, there are no side effects but then, the price can be really expensive.

Another herbal pill is Guarana. Guarana is also known as the Brazilian Cocoa. As a dietary supplement, its action involves by tricking the body into believing that it is already full. It also gives a boost of energy and stamina resulting to an unbelievable drive to exercise vigorously. A study on mice also revealed that Guarana, when combined with Linoleic Acid produces a compound that contribute to fat cell reduction.

Who would have thought that a kitchen mainstay, the apple cider vinegar can be readily used as a pill to shed off the extra pounds? Accordingly, the pill form can be safely ingested by drinking lots of water and by taking it with meals as there have been a rare incident when the pill lodged in the esophagus causing an untoward incident. To enhance the reduction of serum triglyceride and fat levels, it is therefore crucial to purchase a reputable brand. ACV also helps in the suppression of appetite which consequently results in a better figure.

One can also check on the Brown Seaweed Concentrate as it contains Fucoxanthin which is known to stimulate weight loss by promoting fat burning inside fat cells and adipose tissue. The seaweed concentrate is mostly used in Asian cuisines which is sometimes attributed to the slim figures of Asians compared to Western counterparts.

Resveratrol is also gaining popularity.  The ingredient is usually mixed with other supplemental ingredients like Turmeric and Banaba. Resveratrol aims at dramatically reducing body weight without the sudden urge to defecate by slowly reducing and eliminating fats  as well as blocking the accumulated fats in tissues.

Again, remember that even before venturing in these kinds of pills, it is important to always seek advise from a doctor. Bear in mind that these medicines are not exactly strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Authority. Also, these pills are not at all magic so, when using these drugs, stick to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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