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How to Prevent Diabetes from Hitting You

Diabetes mellitus is a condition wherein there is an elevated blood sugar level in the body. The condition happens when the body does not produce enough amount of insulin which regulates blood sugar levels. When this happens, the usual symptoms of diabetes like extreme thirst, hunger, and frequent urination affects the person with the condition. When diabetes is left unmanaged, the person can suffer complications like kidney failure and cardiovascular problems.

Just like any other conditions, prevention is always better than cure and that is the same with diabetes. The following are some of the ways on how to prevent diabetes from hitting your body:

  • Eat healthy! If you love sweets like chocolates and sodas, then it is time to cut those cravings now especially if you have a family history of diabetes. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains will be healthy as these foods won’t increase blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Stick to your recommended weight. Being obese is one of the leading factors that can lead a person to have diabetes. Obese persons have increased fat deposits in the abdomen making a big risk for having diabetes.
  •  Exercise! Doing even the simplest form of exercise like walking will surely do great things to your health. It is thru exercise that harmful toxins which are one of the main reasons for sickness are released out of the body. Those who constantly exercise have regulated blood sugar levels so there are minimal chances of having diabetes. It is also thru exercising that one is able to maintain a healthy weight, which is very important in preventing diabetes from affecting the body.
  • Avoid vices like cigarette smoking and too much alcohol intake. These bad habits will not only make you prone to have diabetes, but also to other conditions as well.
  • See your doctor regularly. Your doctor is the best person who knows if your body has any abnormalities on it. Regular blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring are good ways in gauging if you are healthy or not and if you are already bound to have diabetes.
  • Stay out of stress. When you are under too much pressure, your body’s natural defenses are down making you prone to have conditions such as diabetes.

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The Hidden Dangers of Fast-food Dining

Fast-foods are very popular especially on the busy population because it fits everyone’s busy schedule well. Foods that you like are readily served for you to eat saving you time. Most fast food chains offer delivery services so you can just have a quick lunch or snack at work which is really very convenient. Plus foods that are served on fast-food diners usually taste good so you feel satisfied and full most of the time.

Yes eating at fast-food joints are convenient, but doing it so often may not be healthy for our health. Here are some of the hidden dangers of fast-food dining and why we should not make eating at these food establishments like our daily habit. The following are some of the hidden dangers of fast-food dining:

  • Most foods served on fast-food chains are oily and full of fat. Eating them once in a while may not do anything bad to the health, but having these foods every so often is actually not good. Oily foods are rich in bad cholesterol which is one of the main culprits why a person can have heart diseases like hypertension and atherosclerosis.
  • Foods from these establishments are usually high in salt. We all need salt, but eating more than what we should makes us prone to have conditions like hypertension. Aside from that, too much salt in the diet is too much for the kidneys to cleanse out of the system leading to kidney failure.
  • Fast-food joints have readily available desserts and when you see these foods it is quite impossible to resist. Desserts and other sweet concoctions have high amount of sugar. High sugar intake in the diet can lead to diabetes mellitus.
  • To attain the appealing taste, fast-food chains use a lot of preservatives on their foods. Preservatives are bad for the health and as a matter of fact may studies prove that eating foods that are rich with preservatives makes on prone to cancer.

Yes everyone is busy, but we should still find ways on how to maintain being healthy despite our busy schedules. Eating at fast-food restaurants is not at all bad, but eating at these places everyday will make you steps closer to your grave.

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Loving Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are one of the most important body organs in the body. It does so many functions in order for the body to function well. It cleans the body from harmful waste so that it does not mix up with the bloodstream, maintains balances of ions in the body, normalizes blood pressure levels, aids in the production of red blood cells, and control the normal water levels in the body.

The kidneys do a lot of functions and yet sometimes we fail to give importance to them. We drink too much alcohol, smoke cigarettes, use illicit drugs, and eat unhealthy foods; all of these are harmful to the kidneys. We should not take these bean shaped organs for granted if we want to live a longer and more meaningful life.

Here are some of the ways on you can take care of your kidneys:

  • Water is life and it is true especially in taking care of your kidneys. Water helps the kidney function well as it helps the kidney flush away the harmful elements inside the body.
  • Avoid doing contact sports like soccer and martial arts. Too much pressure especially near the part of the kidneys can cause it to be damaged. Aside from that avoid too much bumpy rides as it can also cause damage to the kidneys. Especially when travelling in long distances, make sure that you are seated comfortably with a soft cushion on your back so as to lessen the pressure that can harm your kidneys.
  • Limit your intake of salty foods like anchovies and processed meats. Too much sodium is bad for the kidneys because it can form stones making it hard to the kidneys to pass out and filter.
  • Stop smoking. It contains harmful chemicals like nicotine which does bad effects to the vital organs of the body including the kidneys.
  • Limit your intake of protein rich foods especially red meats as it doubles the efforts of the kidneys to get rid of the body wastes.
  • For people with diabetes mellitus, see to it that your blood glucose levels is on the normal range because when it is very high it can cause damage to the kidneys.
  • Keep your blood pressure levels in a normal range too because when a person has hypertension, the kidneys can be damaged too.
  • Exercise! As you sweat, the toxins are excreted out of the body thru sweat decreasing the workload of the kidneys.
  • Detoxify! Eat foods that are known to give a lot of benefits to the body just like cranberries. It has components that kills bacteria that can harm the kidneys at the same time promote overall health of the urinary system.

Love your kidneys and surely it will love you back to give you a more meaningful and healthier life.

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Strokes: What Women Should Know

Here’s an eye opener for women: Incidences of stroke (cardiovascular accident) in middle-aged women have tripled since the late 1980s. A team of researchers led by Amy Towfighi, MD, at the USC have recently found that American women in particular, like men, have become more prone to belly fat gain, a true sign of increased risk for cardiovascular health problems. What is even more a reason for concern is that women have poorer prognosis compared to men after a stroke has occurred. They experience worse and longer disabilities, and have higher risks for death. Dr. Towfighi believes in the power of education and knowledge in helping women understand the risk factors as well as the signs of stroke, and ways to minimize if not totally prevent these.

 The sad truth: Women are not aware that they are at risk.

 There are several risk factors that can make women more likely to experience a stroke. High levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), high blood pressure, and overweight or obesity are just some of the most common risk factors. However, diabetes mellitus, a common condition affecting women beyond the age of 45, can also increase the risks. All these conditions have something to do with how calories are retained in the body and what excess fats can do.

However, even migraine headaches are apparently a risk factor as well. The ones that are preceded by an aura (a disturbance in any of the senses – visual, auditory or taste) are particularly a cause for concern because they are seriously linked to stroke in women below or above the age of 40. 

Women who use oral contraceptives (pills) are also at an increased risk for cardiovascular accident and high blood pressure.

Lifestyle choices such as smoking, consuming alcohol and even dietary preferences are preventable risk factors. The risks worsen when all these factors are present.

If you have or experience any of the above-mentioned factors, you will need to discuss this with your doctor. Tests may be performed in order to determine your exact risks, and he or she will help you find ways on how to reduce your risks of developing stroke. 

 Every woman will show different symptoms of stroke or cardiovascular disease.

 A stroke is much like a heart attack, except the accident occurs in the brain, thus the damage is often worse. A woman who is experiencing stroke will present with symptoms such as facial or limb pain or numbness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, hiccups, dimming vision or complete loss of it. Symptoms may vary from woman to woman, but the most common signs of stroke are sudden numbness or paralysis of one side of the face and body, and vision loss.

Because these symptoms may often be linked to other conditions, people and those around them do not typically feel the need to rush to the ER. What’s even sadder is that these symptoms may be missed by the doctor, and the diagnosis of stroke may not be made. This wastes time and by the time a correct diagnosis of stroke is released, it may be too late and the damage may be irreversible.

Therefore, whether you are a man or a woman, it helps to always be updated on your current cardiovascular health. If you are at risk for cardiovascular diseases, any of the symptoms above should be enough reason to go to the ER and tell the doctors as soon as you get there. In cases of stroke and heart attacks, the quicker the intervention, the better the prognosis and recovery.

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Reasons Behind Your Unexplained Weight Loss

Most of us are dying to lose weight all our lives. Getting into the body we want seems to be a daily struggle especially if you have been dying to get into the body that you want. But that is not always the case; there are just some people that are blessed to have slim figure while others are bound to become plump and have full figure.

Although most of would be happy if we lose weight, there are those who do not. This is because they are losing weight without them knowing the reason why. These people did not do special dieting and spent time doing extreme exercises on the gym. This is a scary thing because losing weight unexpectedly may signal that something is wrong within you. When this happens you must see your doctor and have your condition assessed the soonest time possible.

Here are the common reasons behind your unexplained weight loss:

  • Increasing Age

As one ages especially when is already in old age, he is more prone to lose weight unexpectedly because his sense of taste is not as good as before. The elderly have lesser appetite because they do not taste food as palatable as before causing them to lose weight.

  • Hyperthyroidism

When the body’s hormones are not functioning well like when a person has hyperthyroidism there is a great chance that a person will lose weight unexpectedly. This is because during hyperthyroidism that the thyroid gland overly secretes thyroid hormone causing a person to exhibit symptoms like weight loss.

  • Diabetes Mellitus

The condition happens when the body is unable to produce insulin which in turns increases the levels of blood sugar in the body. Sudden weight loss is one of the cardinal signs of the disease together with extreme thirst and frequent urination.

  • Parasites

Parasite infestation is not just for children but can also affect adults too. When a person eats food that goes through minimal or no cooking at all he can acquire parasites like tapeworm and whipworm that can thrive inside the gastro-intestinal tract. These parasites absorb the nutrients from food so a person then turns thinner.

  • Stress

This one of the most common reasons why a person losses weight. When the body is in too much stress, appetite for food and sleep is lessened leading to weight loss.

  • Cancer

When one has cancer, the body’s cells are not functioning that well anymore especially if there is a tumor already. The tumor is the one who gets all the nutrients that is found on food making a person left with minimal nutrients for the body.

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