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Diet Busting Foods That You Should Never Eat

When you are on a diet, temptation seems to be working double time in breaking your goal of eating healthy. Being placed on those situations is one of the most awkward feeling ever. You are in a dilemma of holding back or giving in on those sumptuous foods. But you realized that eating foods like chocolates won’t certainly do any good to your diet and of course your body. So you settle for foods that you think are healthy instead of eating on the food you think is sinful.

But what we don’t know is that some foods are just not as healthy as we think it is. There are certain foods that are just like the icing on the cake, in reality they are also full of calories much like the foods that you consider sinful. For those who are dieting, it is a must to know what foods that disguise as healthy yet filled with calories so that you can avoid them and achieve your goal of eating healthy.

Here are some of the diets busting foods that you should never eat:

  • Vegetable Salad

Not because it is vegetable, it means that it is healthy. Most of the time what make salads unhealthy is the dressing. Some salads are dressed with mayonnaise, cheese, bacon chips, ham, and nuts. All of these foods are rich in fat and will certainly defeat your purpose of eating a low calorie meal. Salads with heavy dressing have much more calories as compared to grilled meats.

  • Different Kinds of Soup

Those who are on a diet eat more of soup because they make the stomach full easily so there would be lesser possibility to consume more food. But what make most soups unhealthy are the ingredients that it has. Most of these soups especially those that are made in restaurants are full of cream and milk. To be safe, make sure that you know what are in the soup you are going to have so that you do not need to over indulge.

  • Coffee

Coffee is guilty free because it has very little amount of calories so most dieters will drink lots of cups to suppress hunger. But adding cream, sugar, and other flavorings to the coffee makes it unhealthy to drink. This can make the regular coffee added with so many calories and before you know it, you are gaining weight because of the coffee you drink.diet

  • Diet Sodas

Many think that it is perfectly drinks diet sodas because it won’t affect ones dieting. But what is scary with diet sodas is that we can be overly dependent that it is guilt free drinks making us drink so many cans in a day. Though it has few calories, but drinking a lot can also be equal to the calories found on regular sodas.

  • Low Calorie Delights

There are a lot of low calorie goodies available from cookies, cereals, to crackers. That is why those who are dieting eat them in high amounts with the thought that it is not going to make them fat anyways. But in reality even if they claim that these foods have low calories, it still have calories so eating large quantities will still make you fat.

In dieting make sure to count the calories that is in your food so that you know when to take a bite or

have more servings. Every calorie counts and without the proper knowledge on the calories found on food, you will break your diet before your very eyes.

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How to Gain More Weight?

While most of us struggle to lose weight, there are also those who have problems with gaining weight. No matter how much food they put in their mouths and be a couch potato all day, it doesn’t show on their bodies. These people are still slim and slender despite all their efforts to add pounds on their weight. For people who have problems on how to become thin, those who do not get fat are the luckiest people on the planet. But for those who want to gain weight but is not able to achieve it, not having the type of body they want seems to be a lifetime curse.

There are various reasons why people do not get fat no matter how hard they try. The most common reasons are genetic makeup (being naturally thin runs in their family), illness (endocrine disorders), and having eating disorders. These people want to gain more weight to prepare for sport events or so that they can look pleasingly healthy.

For people who have problems in gaining weight, here are some of the tips on how you can gain to have the weight you want to have:

  • Increase your intake by double. If you are used to eat only with one serving, then this time it is time to have the second serve. If you do this every meal surely it will not be impossible for you to gain weight.
  •  Choose foods that are calorie rich but are still nutritious. High caloric foods do not mean eating foods that are not nutritious. Corn topped with melted butter and salt, avocadoes with cream, and adding cheese to your salads are good examples of healthy foods that are added with calories. In this way you won’t be missing the nutrients that are on other foods because you want to gain weight. Wanting to add weight does not mean eating unhealthy foods.
  • Eat often. Do not just eat three meals in a day. Add heavy snacks in between the three big meals.
  • Eat chocolates! They are very good mood enhancers, plus the calories that you will be getting from eating them will surely make you gain weight.
  • Relax and be worry free. Stress can cause weight loss. Have a massage and find other relaxing methods that can keep you away from worries. At home find indulgence on watching T.V. and facing the computer. These are activities that won’t burn calories making you gain weight.

If you are still not able to gain weight despite your efforts then it is time to see your doctor. You may have disorders with your endocrine system. This needs more thorough medical treatment that usually requires hormonal replacement therapies prescribed by the doctor.

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Weight Loss: Smart Calorie Choices

Being overweight and obese won’t do any good to the body. It is associated with a lot of health conditions that could have been prevented from happening if a person maintains a healthy weight. Conditions like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, fertility, and even some cancers are all associated with weighing more than one should be. Because of those conditions a lot of people have decided to be healthy.

The first step to being healthy is to start losing weight. But shedding the extra pounds that you have is not easy as it seems. Temptation is everywhere. From those chocolates to meaty steaks, giving up your favorite food means so much sacrifice. That is why it is to no wonder why a lot of people who have tried dieting but failed.

The reason why a lot of fad diet fails to give long lasting effects is that it makes the dieters restricted of so many things especially the food that they loved. This in turn makes the person give up dieting and go back to its old eating habits. Making the person weighs more than he or she should be.

Good thing the smart calorie choice diet is introduced. Smart calorie choice is a type of diet that works by letting the person eat the food that he or she loves in smaller quantities so that cravings are satisfied and eating more on healthy options like cereals, fruits, and vegetables to get away with hunger. Smart calorie choice aims to balance the caloric intake and expenditure of the body so that the person won’t be weighing more than he or she should be.

Smart choice calorie is formulated by world renowned holistic dietician in the name of Maya Nahra. This diet plan believes that calories play a big role in either losing or gaining weight. Smart choice calorie diet is counting the calories that are found in every food you eat so that you won’t go overboard. When time wherein you cannot resist having extra bites over those sinful foods, then make sure the following day you burn what you eat the previous day. In this way you will be able to get rid of the calories you had accumulated from the previous feast.

For more information on the smart calorie diet, you can ask the help from the dietician and ask ways on how this diet plan will be applicable for you.

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All About the Zumba Workout Rage

In the world that we live in today, it pays to be healthy. Although being healthy seems to be a big challenge. Since every one of us is exposed to a lot of things that can make us sick and less healthy. Perhaps the best way to be healthy is by being active and to exercise.

Exercise gives us a lot of benefits. But to sum it all, exercise helps all of us to be healthy and have longer lives. But most people are often in a dilemma on what exercise routine to choose from. Well they can’t be blamed because there are a lot of exercises to choose from. Like exercising in the gym with a trainer, swimming, cycling, or just plain walking.

For those who still haven’t decided on what form of exercise to work on, then why not try zumba. Zumba is great way to work out because it incorporates dance to exercise. The routines are based on Latin dance moves specifically salsa. Zumba sessions have instructors that teach dance routines to the tune of Latin upbeat music.

A lot of people have been hooked up with Zumba workout rage. Here are the reasons why:

  • Zumba is great form of exercise because it burns a lot of unwanted calories. In a matter of one hour, a person can burn 400 to 600 calories. So it is a very effective workout especially for those who want to shed that extra flab.
  • Zumba helps tone down the body and achieve the perfect looking abs.
  • Zumba is not just exercising. It is also fun. Especially for those who love to dance and have a great love for music, Zumba is a great way to express passion for music while exercsising.
  • Zumba offers full body workout. Every part of the body is moving from head to toe.
  • Zumba enhances flexibility and grace.
  • Zumba helps form friendships.
  • Zumba is one of the most fun ways to exercise. With zumba, exercising has been enjoyable.

Because of the benefits of Zumba, it has been one of the most popular dance work outs. In fact a lot of gyms have incorporated Zumba to accommodate the growing demand. There are even different classes that teach Zumba from kids to the older ones. Also there is a Zumba video game released for those who want to get fit but just want to stay at home.

Zumba is really a must try for people who want to be fit.

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Which is a Better Exercise? Walking or Running?

Congratulations! You have decided to exercise. But the problem is you do not know what form of exercise to choose. Two of the most popular forms of exercise that a lot of healthy living aficionados are doing is walking and running. These two are good forms of exercise, but the problem is which is better.

Different people have different needs with regards to exercising. Before deciding on whether walking or running is the better exercise, here are some points to help you decide.


  • Running

One hour of running burns more calories as compared to an hour of walking. This is because running entails more efforts, so heart rate is increased in a shorter period of time.

Running is suited for those who want to lose weight fast in less span of time. Running for one mile can help a person shed 100 calories.

Running is suited for those who want to attain maximum cardiovascular effect on their work outs.

  • Walking

Walking is suited for those who want a slower paced of exercise.

One mile of walking can burn up to 70 calories.

It is the perfect exercise for those who are pregnant, elderly, and recovering from a physical injury.

Walking is suited for those who are still starting to exercise.


  • Running

Running can cause strain and sprain on muscles especially when without proper warm-up exercises.

Vigorous running can cause too much stress to the body.

Some person can’t handle the stress of running which can cause cardiovascular problems during exercising.

Running is not suited for those who have injuries like sprains and strains because it can aggravate the condition to worsen.

Running is not advised for people who have cardiovascular problems.

  • Walking

Is not suited for those who wants to lose weight quickly.

Some people may find walking to be boring because it less rigorous and does not offer much challenge.

Both running and walking are good form of exercises. The premise on which is better really depends on the person. If he or she loves to see quicker results in weight loss, then running is a good option. For those who like slow paced exercise without much stress, then walking is the best one. Running and walking all gives a person benefits to the health. But before considering trying either one of these exercises, it is always best to see the doctor first to have your body assessed on what type of exercise suits you best.

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Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holiday Season

Eating healthy during the holiday season seems to be impossible. It is the time of year where family and friends gather from all over the country to spend quality time with each other. The best way to have a reunion is to share special moments with sumptuous meals. All the sinful foods are never absent during family gatherings. So if you are on a diet or want to lose weight then you will surely have a hard time during this time of year.

Although it may sound difficult, but one can actually spend the holiday season without much guilt health wise. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Never deprive yourself. If you see all those tempting desserts on the table, do not avoid them. Instead eat a teaspoon of all the desserts that you desire. Suppressing your cravings might lead you to eat more than what you normally eat. This means double the calories. This method does not apply to sweets only but also to other parts of the menu as well.
  •  Learn to control.  Especially when you are a guest, you should know when to say no. If you are already full and you don’t want to offend the host, just simply say that the foods served are great, but you are already very full. No one will force you to eat more than you can consume. After all you will be the one suffering if you push yourself to hard.
  • When cooking at home, choose dishes that have fewer fats. Instead of cooking pork, why not try turkey. Or if you cannot get away with red meats, then try trimming away the fats from the meat to make it easier. Meats will also become healthier when cooked broiled or steamed, instead of deep frying them.
  • If preparing foods for outings make sure that you bring your own food. It will not be a good idea to sacrifice others tastes buds just because you are dieting.
  • Never ever skip meals because you have an invitation to a party at a later time. Starving yourself will make you eat more than you’re supposed to.
  • Despite the business of the holiday season you should never forget to exercise. This will help you burn the extra calories especially if you have eaten a little more than you should too.
  • Limit the intake of alcohol especially beer. This can make you fat and have the unwanted beer belly.

You can still enjoy the holiday season and eat the foods that you like. The key is to eat everything in moderation.

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Keep the Fat Off this Holiday Season

Don’t fall victim of the holiday weight gain where most people put on an additional 5 to 10 pounds after the holiday season is over. With all the parties and gatherings we need to attend we are faced with the challenge of controlling the amount of food we eat when we are served with those delicious and enticing holiday dishes. Along with the merry making and company of family and friends it is easy to forget our diet and weight loss regimen. Be in control and set your eye on the goal of keeping the fat off throughout the holiday season and still enjoy the holiday spirit of good food enjoyed in the company of loved ones. Follow these tips to ensure that you maintain your ideal weight:

  1. Avoid food deprivation. It’s the holiday season and you should enjoy it because it comes only once in a year. Limiting yourself to leafy salads is a bore compared to tasting that turkey and having a bit of wine. Depriving yourself will only make you crave for food even more and can cause you to overeat at the next party to make up for what you missed at the previous one.
  2. Do not overeat. There are numerous parties and they will come one after the other so keep in mind that this is not the last meal you’ll ever have.
  3. Try to eat a light meal 2 to 3 hours before you go to a party. Avoid going to a party starved to prevent gulping up the buffet table.
  4. Eat slowly like the French who savors every bite to taste the flavor of the dish and its ingredients. You are not in a contest of who gets to finish first rather try to relish the holiday dishes that you can only get to taste at this time of year. When we eat slowly the food is digested properly and we can avoid feeling bloated and full so easily.
  5. Being in a party is not an excuse to not watch what you eat. Enjoying too much from all the conversations and entertainment might cause you to overlook that you are eating more than what you think you are. Try to avoid eating while conversing as much as possible.
  6. Choose foods that are healthier but equally tasteful and delicious. When planning on the menu try to include healthy variations in traditional holiday dishes. Lessen the fat by decreasing the butter or margarine but not removing it entirely so as to still give the dish its delectable flavor.
  7. When hosts offer you more food politely decline by saying how much you like to but you are already full.
  8. If you will be eating turkey, get the breast part for it has fewer calories compared to other parts. Avoid eating the skin of the turkey because it is where most of the turkey’s fat is which is why it is the most flavorful too. Eating the breast part is healthier because you avoid the added fat and still able to enjoy the turkey.
  9. In a party where there are lots of foods to choose from try to get a small amount of each one instead of getting large portions of a variety of foods. By trying a little of everything on the menu you will feel satisfied and happy to have had experienced all of them but without the guilt of eating excessively. Eat moderately and avoid binge eating.
  10. Reward yourself with a dessert but with only a small piece. Having a taste of it is much better than nothing at all.

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How to Stop Your Sweet Tooth from Craving Sweets

Almost every one of us have sweet tooth? Who can resist eating those dark chocolates, ice cream, and strawberry cakes?  Having sweet tooth is not only limited to sweet foods, but it includes drinks like sodas and shakes. Although it may be hard, but sweet cravings should be controlled. Sweet foods have high amounts of sugar and calories which makes one prone to be obese and have diabetes.

Here are some of the tips on how to control your sugary cravings:

  • Never skip a meal. Skipping a meal makes you feel deprived and gives you higher chances of munching on sweet snacks. If you are hungry, choose foods that are high in fiber and protein content.
  • Have a little of everything. If you are in a party and you can’t seem to resist those sinful desserts, try to have a small size rather than consuming the whole serving.  In that way you’re craving is satisfied yet you did not eat a lot to have those unwanted calories and sugar.
  • Do not stock your house with sweets. If you stay away from temptation, you forget about your cravings. It would be better to have stock of fiber crackers and oatmeal cookies as they are healthier.
  • Find a substitute to your cravings. If you can help eating something sweet, grab a fruit. It is still sweet yet it is not sinful.
  • Set a goal. If you have decided to stop eating sweets, stick to it. It will help if you have a checklist to monitor your daily progress. At the end of the week reward yourself to a day of pampering once you have completed the entire week without those unwanted sweets. Documenting on your progress and how many days you have surpassed will give the courage to push harder to cut your intake of sweet foods.
  • Have someone that would serve as your conscience.
  • There would be days wherein you can stop the urge to eat something sweet. Someone reminding you of your goal and telling you the dangers you might get for your sweet tooth. The one who could be your conscience should be with you everyday like your parents, husband, an officemate or your best friend.
  • Avoid going to places wherein you will be tempted to try something sweet. What you don’t see won’t harm you. So if you can’t see something tempting, you won’t be longing to eat them.

Losing your sweet tooth may be very hard at first. But if you have the right drive and disposition, you can truly stop your sweet tooth from craving sweets.

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