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Slimming and Detox Benefits of Body Wraps

Slimming and Detox Benefits of Body Wraps

The application of substances over the body comes with a history. In the past, pampering oneself with a body wrap was for the sole purpose of therapy and hygiene. Herbal mixes were often used to treat skin infections while clay and mud were the common ingredients used to eliminate toxins from the body. Today, however, more functions are sprouting behind the principle of using body masks. Many wellness centers claim that their body wrap packages include not only detoxification as the benefit but also slimming and cellulite treatment.

For detoxification, components most often used are algae, mud, seaweed or clay. These are elements that stimulate metabolism in order for toxins and excess fluids to mobilize out of the body by way of sweating. During the process, skin pores open up to facilitate better flow of substances from the skin for elimination. Since the skin is the largest organ there is, purifying it promotes relaxation and enhances one’s sense of well-being, and leaves the skin soft, smooth, and well-moisturized.

Cellulite reduction is another common reason why body wrap services are growing more popular these days. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this kind of spa package is the immediate diminishing of visible cellulite. In order to treat cellulite, blood flow and lymphatic flow has to be stimulated to help drain the fatty elements, which are the culprits of the unwanted blebs that drag one’s self-esteem down to the drain. With the ingredients used coupled with the heating effect of the wrap, the skin is left firm and tight with less visible cellulite. This, however, is a temporary effect that lasts for one day or maybe two. Nevertheless, if your goal is to mask off the cellulite from your thighs so that you can dawn your bikini with confidence for a weekend getaway, a body wrap should do the trick.

Slimming is also a temporary benefit of a body wrap. This result has something to do with metabolic stimulation and with the heat generated because of enclosing the body in a mask. Because excess fluids are reduced, the greater part that is being shed off as a result of the wrap is water weight, which is normally one of the most ignored factors in the arena of weight reduction. If you need an immediate short-term fix just to fit in a gown that was tailor-made for you when your waist was an inch or two smaller, you might want to consider a trip to the spa for a body wrap.

A body wrap, which may also be referred to as a body mask or a body cocoon, is a staple service available in spa facilities. Usually, the session is initiated with the application of oils, lotions, creams, or other ingredients depending on the purpose of the wrap followed by the part where the body is covered for purposes of insulation with materials made of plastic or polyester. Other spa centers may also utilize sheets or towels.

If you have doubts with how body wraps can help you shed those inches, check out the rest of Sara’s story here. She’s making a video blog about her experience with home body wrap kits, and details the total inches lost for each wrap (brave girl!)

Most people believe in the results of a spa body wrap, but not everyone can afford it. One session average cost is around $80 to $300 depending on the specifics of the mask to be applied. On the bright side, Wrap Yourself Slim have developed home kits so you can enjoy the benefits of a body wrap at a much lower cost in the comfort of your own home.

Another good way to save some cash while experiencing the perks of a body mask is to gather your own ingredients and materials without buying a home wrap kit, which you can accomplish for as low as $5. Since the effects are temporary, with that amount, you can treat yourself with a body wrap regularly without worrying about the cost. One session of a spa wrap is equivalent to about 10 to 15 sessions of body wraps you can do yourself at home.

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