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Love Your Naked Self: A Guide to Appreciating You in Your Own Skin

Love Your Naked Self: A Guide to Appreciating You in Your Own Skin

You are incredible. Enough said. But this is easier said than believed in, especially when you’re struggling to hide a mushy tushy and sagging skin that comes with getting older or having a baby. How you view yourself is an important aspect that determines your overall wellness. Before considering impossibly – priced and risky surgeries, making peace with your body should be your most important step.

Whether you have a metabolism that prevents you from gaining a pound or one that causes the weighing scale to go crazy every time you step on it, gaining weight is not an easy issue to tackle. But what’s more difficult is accepting how you’ve come to look after gaining a few pounds.

Weight gain, stretch marks, sagging skin, getting old, spider veins, premature wrinkles, cellulites, you name it. They’re common complaints, and there’s a product or treatment of some sort promising to erase them before you know it. But these are all marketing strategies, and you ought to know better. Any issue that you experience with your body isn’t something that can go away in a day. Understand now that if you want to shed some pounds, you will need to get into your running shoes and run regularly. If you want better skin, you will have to eat vegetables and drink plenty of water, even when you hate both.

Transforming into someone you’d like to see in the mirror is not easy. It is a challenge. And it all begins with the way you think about yourself.

You want to be a pear when you’re petite. You want to be busty when you’re petite. You want to be petite when you’re a pear. You want to be a pear when you’re an hourglass. It seems no one is satisfied these days, and what’s one person’s heaven may very well be another’s hell. Instead of flipping through magazines wishing you had Victoria Beckman’s waist, or J-lo’s ass, you simply need to rearrange your closet. Your body shape is not based on what you desire but rather your genetic makeup. If your mother was busty, then you may be, as well. If your family is big-boned, you will be too. Your bone structure and fatty deposits define your shape. If the fatty deposits are physiologic, such as in the hips among women, then there’s really nothing you can do but have a positive self-image.

It helps to learn how to flaunt your assets, and they all begin with diet and exercise, and then closet re-arranging.

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