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Is the Ice Cream Diet Real or Not?

Studies have shown that a lot of people are getting more and more involved in diets and in activities to lose those unwanted fats and extra pounds. Some are even desperate to lose weight and what they do is to skip meals. Finally, some people, in order to lose weight cut on certain foods like sweets and dairy products – they deprive themselves of the food that they usually love in order for them to attain the figure or the weight they desire. But recent research has shown that it is not really necessary for people to cut on food and skip meals to trim down fats. In fact, they can still eat most of their favorite foods, including ice cream which was believed to be one of the causes of weight gain. In the same research, they have also concluded that eating ice cream can actually make you lose weight faster than other methods possible. Even if the evidences are present, and even if there are claims from experts about this diet, the question still remains: is the ice cream diet real or not? Read below to find out.

 The Ice Cream Diet

 Based on research, when ice cream is incorporated as part of the daily diet, it can actually speed up the trimming of unwanted weight and fats. But before starting on this type of diet, one should follow certain guidelines such as getting an approval from one’s doctor before starting the program, disciplining one’s self not to skip any meals, drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day, abstaining from adding any fatty foods in any meals, and strictly adhering to the diet plan wherein the ice cream diet can only be incorporated three times a week. 

 Basically, when the diet plan is laid down, what one should do is to follow the recommended foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the ice cream component should only be added during dinner time. After the third day of diet, one should return from his or her normal diet for the rest of the week.

 Does the Ice Cream Diet Work?

 The ice cream diet is based on some suggested foods that one can incorporate in their weekly diet for three days. The foods included in the ice cream diet is picked based on their nutritional information, and they are put together to complete the recommended daily nutrition needed by the body. Even if there is substantial evidence and study to prove the effectiveness of the said diet, the program is still not custom fit for everyone. This means, the most important thing to consider when taking this diet is the approval of the doctor. In addition, aside from strictly adhering to the diet plan, one should also incorporate other factors in order to speed up weight loss like regular simple exercises, drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest. The key in the ice cream diet is that the dairy product breaks up the nutrients inside your body, making its absorption and removal effective.

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