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How to Effectively Cope with Less Sleep

How to Effectively Cope with Less Sleep

In order to be healthy and to function well, all of us need uninterrupted sleep for at least eight hours daily. Sleep is very important to help the body rejuvenate and heal itself from all the activities that it went through the day. It is also thru sleep that the body gets to rest and to regain strength for the following day’s activity.

Although sleep is very essential for all of us to have, sad to say, at times because of several reasons we cannot complete the required amount of time for sleeping. Factors like stress, too much caffeine, alcohol intake, too much activity, using of illicit drugs, and some diseases can all lead to poor sleeping habits in a person. Without sleep, we tend to be cranky, week and irritable.

If ever you suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep, do not worry much. There are things that you can do which will help cope with less sleep. The following are some of the tips on how to effectively cope with less sleep:

  • Have a cold shower! Do not believe on old wives tale saying that taking a bath when you have less sleep will make you sick. A cold shower helps wake up the senses and will instantly give you the energy to start the day.
  • Drink coffee. Coffee is one of the major reasons why most people are not sleeping well at night. But it is also good for people who lack sleep because it keeps the body active and awake. Just make sure that you won’t drink hours before bedtime so that you would not be repeating your bouts of difficulty in sleeping.
  • Find the sun. When we think about daytime we always have the sun in mind. When you had poor sleep quality the night before, expose yourself in the sun because it is like an energy booster and an indicator that it is a brand new you day and whether you like it or not you need to get up.
  • Try to be active. It may be hard but in order for you to have energy; you need to wake up your senses. In going to the office, try using the stairs rather than the elevator. Doing simple exercises before officially starting your day will serve as energy booster even if you have less hour of sleep during the previous night.
  • Pamper yourself. It is given that your body is tired because it was not able to get the hours of sleep needed, so make ways to do extra effort to pamper yourself. Have a massage or treat yourself for a sumptuous meal. These things will help your body regain energy.

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