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How Does One Become CPR Certified?

CPR ( Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation ) training is very important. If someone, like a family member or a friend goes into a cardiac arrest in your presence, you will be able to assist him by providing CPR. According to studies, patients who experienced a heart attack have double the chance of surviving when given CPR. Sadly, most people are not CPR-trained. With 80% of cardiac arrest cases happening in homes, it becomes crucial that everyone learns how to do CPR.

 The American Heart Association (AHA) and the Red Cross are 2 of the world’s most renowned leaders in heart-related courses and training. These 2 organization spend a lot of time and effort researching about life-saving techniques.

 For you to be CPR-certified, you can visit your local AHA and Red Cross centers and ask them when is their next scheduled training course. Now if you don’t like to attend classes, or you simply don’t have the time to do so, online CPR classes are also available. With this kind of program available, you will be able to do training at your own pace and in your own time. But you also need to be careful, not all online CPR training are accredited by the Red Cross or AHA. Two thirds of the training videos online may teach the wrong techniques.

 You can choose a class time that fits best in your busy work schedule. CPR classes online can be very convenient although it lacks face-to-face interaction that a regular classroom can offer. It is also not offered in all areas so you have to be very flexible. If you are too busy during weekdays, you can look for a weekend class so it won’t interfere with your job schedule. Each class can last up to 5 hours so you have to set enough time to complete your CPR class.

 You can register in a class online or by person in an organizational facility where CPR classes will be conducted. These classes are priced between $30 to $40. Prices also depend on whether you’re a first timer or a refresher. After you’re finished with the course, ask for your CPR certification. Check your CPR card and the expiration. Be sure to renew before the date indicated as CPR techniques change over time.




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