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Eating Healthy at Work

Eating Healthy at Work

Your work week starts and you find yourself running around frantically on a lot of work stuff you need to finish. Everyday of the work week feels like a grind consisting of preparing reports, running office errands, attending staff meetings and project planning. There is almost no time to slow down much more to sit back and enjoy a meal. This familiar scenario often happens to everyone in the workplace and we all experience getting a bite on the go almost very often we lose the experience of a delicious, tasty and sumptuous meal.

The stress we need to endure in the workplace also contributes to our unhealthy eating in the workplace. We often don’t realize that we are already on our fourth doughnut when in front of the computer crunching those numbers away. On the 8 hours shift we stay in the office we rarely have time to grab something healthy to eat and most of the time we resort to the vending machine for that chocolate bar hoping it will give us the necessary energy boost to finish the workload for the day. We go home tired and hungry and binge on whatever is left on the fridge.  These are bad habits that we should strive hard to break from and this can be achieved by following some of these simple steps to eating healthy in the workplace.

  • Avoid skipping breakfast. After your body has been on fasting mode for more than 8 hours when you were asleep the cells would be so starved. Skipping breakfast will deprive your body of the needed fuel and it would trick your body to store the calories on your next meal into fat as it is under the impression that the cells need to have the necessary reserve. Always have something nutritious to eat for breakfast like fruits, bread or cereals along with your morning coffee to give you the energy boost to start your day.
  • Bring some fruit with you. Throwing a fruit or two in your bag will greatly help in snacking in between meals especially when your work hard at the office. This will also prevent you from snacking on unhealthy items such as those fat laden chips that are so hard to resist.
  • Clean your drawers and replace junk food stash with healthy snacks. Instead of storing chocolate bars and chips on your drawers try to find some healthy alternatives like nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and dried fruits.
  • Avoid too much caffeine. Having a coffee in the morning is enough to jump start you for the day. Too much caffeine in the body can be harmful as it always makes a person’s heart rate high.
  • Move around in the office. To lose those unwanted belly you can increase physical activity while in the office. Try to walk around the office floor as you get water from the water station. Stretch your legs and neck to give you soothing relief from all the stresses of the day.

Follow these tips and you will be able to maintain a healthy working environment with less stress and a much healthier version of you.

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