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Curing Heartburn the Quick And Easy Way

Heartburn is a problem which effects over sixty million Americans, causing severe pain in the chest and stomach. It goes by other names, the most popular of which is acid reflux(a name which very accurately describes the cause of the problem) and is most often an ongoing problem. Curing heartburn requires a dedicated effort and some changes in your lifestyle and diet. It sometimes requires medication also. Leaving it too late can result in additional complications.

The first step to curing your heartburn is to become aware of what situations are leading to your attacks. The easiest way is to list the things you eat and circle the foods that appear immediately before an acid reflux occurs. This simple method will allow you to quickly identify which foods you should avoid. Fatty or spicy foods are the most likely to be on the list as they are more difficult to digest and can cause greater stress on the stomach and lower esophageal sphincter. Tomato and citrus fruits are also high on the list of likely culprits.

Several lifestyle choices can be identified as clear contributors to heartburn. Top of the list are smoking and drinking. People who eat more, smaller meals are less likely to be effected by reflux than people who eat fewer larger meals. Large meals lead to a full stomach which takes longer to digest food. While this digestion is in process the lower esophageal sphincter is under additional stress from the weight of the full stomach pressing on it.

On the side of your bed that you rest your head, raise the bed slightly. This can be achieved by placing a folded towel under the mattress and will help ease the reflux. Be sure that you are drinking your required water intake as water can improve the digestive process.

A quick way of easing heartburn is to drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda mixed in with it. This is a common practice that will see heartburn off for up to 24 hours. Certain medications will achieve the same result, chief amongst them is antacid which can be purchased across the counter without prescription at pharmacies and if taken over a period of 2 weeks can reduce the heartburn considerably.

You can also do a lot for yourself, such as going for a walk every day, swimming vigorously and doing exercises that have you break a sweat. If you are overweight you are more likely to suffer from heartburn, so be sure to exercise and adjust your diet to lose weight and improve yourself.

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