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Antihistamines and Weight Gain

Antihistamines are medications given for the remedy of allergies. Prescription antihistamines are frequently recommended to treat seasonal allergies and hay fever. They block the chemical substance histamine that can trigger allergic reactions such as a runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. But not all of us know that prolong intake of these common drugs can lead to weight gain.

A new research done at the University of Yale shows that persons who take antihistamines are more likely to gain excess weight and be obese than those who don’t. The study involves the observation of the body weight of 268 antihistamine takers. 45% of the total no of users were found overweight.  All in all, taking anti-allergies increases the risk of being obese or overweight.

The researchers however pointed out that, antihistamines don’t necessarily cause weight gain. It can also be that having allergies makes a person vulnerable to weight gain.

A more in depth explanation is that, our brain has antihistamine receptors. These receptors play a vital role in a person’s appetite and metabolism. People taking antihistamines maybe eating more and have a slowed down metabolism. And weight gain is, unfortunately, the unhappy end result.

Besides antihistamines, there are other medications that can cause gradual weight gain. These are anti-seizures, antidepressants, insulin, steroids and beta blockers. The weight gain can be gradual that some people may not even know why they are gaining weight and worse, it can be difficult to take the added pounds off.

For these reasons, many people ask if there are alternatives to antihistamines in treating allergies that do not cause weight gain. If you’re one of the people who experience weight gain from taking antihistamines, you can consult your doctor. He may advice you to use a steroid based nasal spray. This is quite effective in treating allergic rhinitis and it does not cause weight gain. Also, there are antihistamine eye drops that you can use for itchiness. Since it is not absorbed systematically to a significant degree, it will not cause weight gain.




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Risks Involved and Possible Complications of Breast Augmentation

Almost everybody would love to have a chance at enhancing their breasts. Aside from the aesthetic value breast augmentation gives, it also gives women the needed boost in terms of self-confidence. With the invasive surgical procedure involved, being informed of the possible risks and complications is absolutely a good thing to make one empowered to make the right decision in choosing a provider, selecting a hospital and in making sure that the invasive procedure is done in the most careful manner.

One risk is developing an infection that becomes clear within days or weeks after the surgery. Although it occurs rarely, it would mean that you will have to undergo another set of antibiotic therapy and often, it also means replacement of the breast implant after a later date.

Another problem one can encounter is capsular contraction. This refers to the scar that forms around the implant. The site may look distorted, look unnatural and even painful in some cases. If the contraction is just mild, you may not notice it; however, if it is already moderate or severe, you might want to undergo another surgery to remove or replace the implant.

You are also at risk of developing rippling or wrinkling. This pertains to the ripple-like formation in your skin just over the implants. Nipple numbness is also a possibility. Simply put, you will no longer experience any sensation in your nipples most especially during intimate moments. Also, the term ‘bottoming out’ can also happen. This situation is when the nipple strangely points upwards because the implant is too low to even out with the tissue of the breast. Again, another surgery may be necessary to correct the problem.

Other risks you could encounter has to do with the appearance of your breast. Of course, uneven breasts may  result because of several reasons which often include uneven healing. Having double bubble breast deformity is also possible. To describe, picture a bossom divided into four. Although it can correct itself on its own, there are still instances where you will need to undergo revision surgery. The same applies with symmastia or the condition where the two breasts are oddly close to each other. For the uneven breasts, a surgery may not be the option; the doctor may use injections to introduce more fats and definitely better appearance one of the breasts.

Finally, breast augmentation can lead to the displacement of the implant, deflation or even rupture. Minor movements can be tolerated but if the movements went beyond the expected, there is an existing problem. Meanwhile, deflation results from overfilled implants that have leaked. The idea of implant ruptures is almost the same with the deflation.

Even with these risks and complications, some women can go on with their life after breast augmentation without experiencing any problem at all. These risks and complications just serve as possibilities; the situations you might encounter. In case you are going to undergo the surgery, your doctor should be more than willing to share these kinds of information to help you with your decision.

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