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Slimming and Detox Benefits of Body Wraps

Slimming and Detox Benefits of Body Wraps

The application of substances over the body comes with a history. In the past, pampering oneself with a body wrap was for the sole purpose of therapy and hygiene. Herbal mixes were often used to treat skin infections while clay and mud were the common ingredients used to eliminate toxins from the body. Today, however, more functions are sprouting behind the principle of using body masks. Many wellness centers claim that their body wrap packages include not only detoxification as the benefit but also slimming and cellulite treatment.

For detoxification, components most often used are algae, mud, seaweed or clay. These are elements that stimulate metabolism in order for toxins and excess fluids to mobilize out of the body by way of sweating. During the process, skin pores open up to facilitate better flow of substances from the skin for elimination. Since the skin is the largest organ there is, purifying it promotes relaxation and enhances one’s sense of well-being, and leaves the skin soft, smooth, and well-moisturized.

Cellulite reduction is another common reason why body wrap services are growing more popular these days. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this kind of spa package is the immediate diminishing of visible cellulite. In order to treat cellulite, blood flow and lymphatic flow has to be stimulated to help drain the fatty elements, which are the culprits of the unwanted blebs that drag one’s self-esteem down to the drain. With the ingredients used coupled with the heating effect of the wrap, the skin is left firm and tight with less visible cellulite. This, however, is a temporary effect that lasts for one day or maybe two. Nevertheless, if your goal is to mask off the cellulite from your thighs so that you can dawn your bikini with confidence for a weekend getaway, a body wrap should do the trick.

Slimming is also a temporary benefit of a body wrap. This result has something to do with metabolic stimulation and with the heat generated because of enclosing the body in a mask. Because excess fluids are reduced, the greater part that is being shed off as a result of the wrap is water weight, which is normally one of the most ignored factors in the arena of weight reduction. If you need an immediate short-term fix just to fit in a gown that was tailor-made for you when your waist was an inch or two smaller, you might want to consider a trip to the spa for a body wrap.

A body wrap, which may also be referred to as a body mask or a body cocoon, is a staple service available in spa facilities. Usually, the session is initiated with the application of oils, lotions, creams, or other ingredients depending on the purpose of the wrap followed by the part where the body is covered for purposes of insulation with materials made of plastic or polyester. Other spa centers may also utilize sheets or towels.

If you have doubts with how body wraps can help you shed those inches, check out the rest of Sara’s story here. She’s making a video blog about her experience with home body wrap kits, and details the total inches lost for each wrap (brave girl!)

Most people believe in the results of a spa body wrap, but not everyone can afford it. One session average cost is around $80 to $300 depending on the specifics of the mask to be applied. On the bright side, Wrap Yourself Slim have developed home kits so you can enjoy the benefits of a body wrap at a much lower cost in the comfort of your own home.

Another good way to save some cash while experiencing the perks of a body mask is to gather your own ingredients and materials without buying a home wrap kit, which you can accomplish for as low as $5. Since the effects are temporary, with that amount, you can treat yourself with a body wrap regularly without worrying about the cost. One session of a spa wrap is equivalent to about 10 to 15 sessions of body wraps you can do yourself at home.

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Are You Wondering Why Kids These Days Are Fat? Find Out Why

Are You Wondering Why Kids These Days Are Fat? Find Out Why

One definitive answer to this famous question is television. Hours of watching and being glued to the TV can cause your kids to be fat. But this is not the only reason why. During the past 10 years, a lot of parents and pediatricians have been concerned about the increasing number of overweight children. Many also fear that this dramatic increase can constitute a world health crisis.

Obesity in children usually starts between the ages 5 and 6, but it can also begin during adolescence. Children are considered obese or overweight if their total body weight is more than 25% fat in boys and 32% fat in girls. While just an additional few pounds on a small child can make him obese. This can be determined through the use of weight and height charts.

There have been numerous research and studies made about obesity in youngsters and the results are very alarming. 1 in every 5 children is considered obese and almost 20 percent of children in America are most likely to be obese. Since 1980, the number of obese children has doubled and what is more alarming is that, children nowadays are 10 pounds heavier than the average weight 10 years ago.

You will know how serious this problem is simply by going to local shopping malls where you will see a lot of teenagers who do not fit into thin clothes. Clothing shops who sell teen clothes now offer a selection of larger dress sizes. Not too long ago these stores only offer smaller sizes and obese teenagers and kids usually go to a Plus Size Shop.

The impact of obesity in teenagers should not be underestimated since adolescence is the time when a child creates a personal identity and develops his self-worth. Not being able to fit in a world obsessed with THIN is difficult and can injure a child’s self-esteem leading to depression. Aside from this, being obese can also cause numerous medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and gall bladder disease.

The causes of obesity in children are combinations of several factors such as poor eating habits, genetic make-up or even ethnicity. Not a lot of people know that obesity is common in African-Americans, American-Indians and Hispanic. It is more common in girls than in boys.

Studies show that children who are obese are not necessarily overeaters. More often than not, they just eat too much of the bad stuff. Eating junks foods and drinking soft drinks everyday can lead to weight gain. Many health organizations are now pointing finger on TV watching and playing video games as major contributors to obesity. Children who are glued to the TV for hours while munching high calorie foods are most likely to be obese. Also, children who are addicted to video games have less time for exercise.

Most overweight children need medical help. For parents who have overweight children should seek the help of a doctor so that careful evaluation of their children’s health can be done. This assessment should be able to tell if the child really needs to lose the excess weight or gain weight slowly so he can grow into it.

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What You Must Know About COPD

What You Must Know About COPD

Many of us think that as we advance in age, finding it difficult to breathe after climbing a few plight of stairs is but normal. Little do we know, shortness of breath can already be a sign of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. COPD is a chronic lung condition that affects approximately 24 millions of Americans, half of them is not even aware they have it.

You may have read or heard about COPD on the web and from books, but here’s important information about COPD you may not know:

  • COPD is actually a combination of 2 disease conditions, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Emphysema is a progressive disease of the lungs that causes difficulty of breathing or shortness of breath. Chronic bronchitis on the other hand, causes inflammation of the bronchi or the small airways of the lungs. This leads to mucus production and the person affected experiences cough that does not go away.
  • Years ago, being diagnosed with COPD is just like getting a death sentence. But now, patients can take medications, engage in moderate exercise and quit smoking. With these 3 together, they can already live a normal life.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation is a life saver; it is also considered a miracle for COPD patients. Rehab programs vary widely although most of them consist of breathing exercises, training on how to breathe easily and conserve energy at the same time and nutritional counseling.
  • Risks are higher for patients living in the rural areas. They are more likely to die than patients living in urban locations. This can be attributed to the lack of hospitals that carry a pulmonary rehabilitation program in the rural areas.
  • Choosing a medical facility that has pulmonary expertise is crucial. Patients admitted in hospital that doesn’t treat COPD cases are more likely to die than those in specialty facilities.
  • People affected with COPD are at risk of depression. This is because they feel helpless that they can’t function normally and they lack control over the disease condition. Approximately 40% of COPD patients experience depression.
  • Having a healthy weight is the key. Being underweight or overweight is not good for COPD patients. Most people with COPD lose weight because of appetite loss and muscle wasting caused by emphysema. Having a weight that is under the recommended body weight can interfere with the activities of daily living. On the other hand, being overweight will make it harder for the person to breathe and sleep.
  • Do not ignore the signs and symptoms of the disease. Recognizing the disease early on can prompt early treatment that can slow down COPD.
  • Lung transplants are now possible. This is for people with severe symptoms of COPD. The procedure can greatly improve his lung function and increases his chances at survival. Surgery of course can be risky with possible complications like infections or worse, death.



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Tips on How to Age Gracefully

Tips on How to Age Gracefully

I’m sure you don’t want to look like a typical senior citizen. In this article you will know how to maintain your energy and youth, and feel how it is to age gracefully. Actually, it will take a lot of work on your part but in the end you will not regret it. Don’t give up on life just because you are aging. Go on with your life and live it to its fullest.

Here are some tips to help you age gracefully:

Keep your mind active. It doesn’t hurt to do brainstorming once in a while. Read a book that is written by your favorite author, or play mind games such as puzzles or chess.

Exercise regularly. It pays to maintain your physical capabilities by exercising. Even if there are restrictions and physical limitations that come with aging, light exercises or stretching can help strengthen your muscles and bones.

Be social. Isolating yourself from other people will only make you weak, unhappy and depressed. Go out with family and friends and make a regular social schedule. This will make you happy, relieve your stress and help you stay active.

Eat Healthy. Older people need good nutrition. Talk to your doctor about your nutritional needs or go see a nutritionist so he can help you plan your meals and give you guidelines.

Have a Positive Outlook. It is not aging that is difficult; it is how you look at it. If you see things negatively, then you will start to feel depression. If your doctor prescribes a medication, don’t look at it as more tablets or pills that you have to take daily. But think of it as something that will keep you do the things you are doing daily.

Ask for Assistance. You need to accept that you cannot do it alone and asking for help is needed at some point. It is not as if you will lose independence by asking someone to do things for you. Sometimes it feels good to know that you have people whom you can depend on or be with.

You Have to Double Time on Appearance.  Looking good all time can boost your confidence and may even inspire or motivate you to stay healthy.

Let it all out. Talk to a friend or family about feeling and thought you’re having. If you don’t feel at ease talking to them, you might want to consider visiting a counselor.

The idea of what it means to get older varies from person to person. What you need to do is figure out what aging gracefully means to you and start working on it as early as possible. Be sure to take care of yourself all the time. This is the key to a healthier and happier life.

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Depression: Can You Get It and Spread It Like Flu?

Depression: Can You Get It and Spread It Like Flu?

It is no secret that depressed individuals tend to withdraw from society, but more recent studies have found that the significant people in a depressed person’s life have a lot to do with the onset, course and prognosis of the disorder.

Experts have taken a closer look at the social lives of people in depression. They found that many of these individuals have limited social circles and contacts, poor support systems, under-developed social skills, have poor support systems, or are in complicated relationships (read: less rewarding, pessimistic relationships, including frequent marital issues and family disputes).

 Two kinds of people: Which ones are around you?

The above-mentioned findings strongly suggest that depression can negatively impact one’s relationships with others, and the cycle can spread from one social network to another.

In life, there are two people: those who spread negative energy, making those around them miserable and hurt; and then there are those who uplift, inspire and engage others in positivity. How you surround yourself with people sooner or later becomes indicative of the kind of individual you are.

There is an interesting anecdote about a man who travelled a long road, flitting from a village to the next. When he has reached the outskirts of one village, he met a farmer who was cutting hay in his field. Hoping to find home in the new village, he asked about the kind of people who lived there. Instead of answering the question, the farmer asked the traveller about the people in his old village. The traveller said that the people he left were cold-hearted and selfish, to which the farmer replied, “The people here are the same.” The traveller went on his way to find another new village, not wanting to be amongst the same kind of people. A few days later, while the same farmer was tending to his field, another man came along. This man’s village had been wrecked, and he was now looking for a new village to live in. He asked about the people in the farmer’s village, and the latter had the same question thrown back to him. The man said that the people in his destroyed village were kind-hearted and loving, and the farmer told him now the people in his village are the same.

 Depression and Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal therapy is a type of treatment in which a lot of quality research has been invested to. This psychotherapy is based on the idea that improving relationships and making them healthy also improves depression. People who feel good about themselves see the same reflected through the people around them. This is empowering for depressed individuals, as they learn to be part of a positive group instead of wallowing in self-pity.  

In this age and time, there is an obvious deterioration in the quality of social relationships. Length of dating is restricted to weeks, and the divorce rate is sky-rocketing. There is also a clear picture of cynical mentality among people. Feelings of isolation and devaluation make it nearly impossible for one to feel good about one’s self or others.

Therefore, if you are depressed, you can get started on stopping the sickness in its tracks by changing your outlook and developing more meaningful connections with those around you. That’s what interpersonal therapy is all about, and you are your best doctor.

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What is True About Baldness?

What is True About Baldness?

Baldness is more common in men especially when they reach the age of 60 and beyond. A recent study shows that baldness is caused by faulty hair making cells located in the scalp. Previously, researchers believed that a receding hairline results from an insufficient number of progenitor cells, but this is not the case. Baldness happens when the normal development of these cells is disrupted. Instead of completing the process of development, these cells immediately mature to full functioning state.

Other contributory factors to hair loss are genetics, age, and disease. There are numerous myths about the real cause of baldness. In this article we will enumerate common misconceptions about baldness and expose the truth behind each one.

Myths 1: Hair loss can be inherited from your mother’s side.

It is true that the primary gene for baldness is on the X chromosome which you can get from your mother. But there are also other factors involved. Researchers say that if you have a bald father, you are more likely to experience baldness over those who don’t.

Myth 2: You only get bald if you’re old.

This is not true. Hair loss can happen to teenagers and young adults aged 20 to 30. The earlier you experience baldness, the more severe it will become.

Myth 3: It is not good to wear hats as they can cause hair loss.

It is perfectly okay to wear hats. The problem begins when the hat that you’re wearing isn’t clean. This can be a source of scalp infection which accelerates hair loss. Make sure you clean your hats regularly before use.

Myth 4: Stress can cause hair loss.

Yes it can, although hair that is not supposed to fall off will grow back after stress or trauma is managed. In addition, excessive and rapid weight loss or gain can also cause balding.

Myth 5: To avoid hair loss, stay away from hair products such as gels and sprays.

There is no need to avoid these. They cannot cause baldness. Mechanical manipulation of hair like using curling or straightening irons can speed up the process of hair loss.

Myth 6: Heavy consumption of carbohydrates can cause baldness.

Carbohydrates provide essential nutrients that are necessary to maintain healthy hair. However, iron deficiency is closely linked to baldness. Taking iron supplements is best to prevent rapid hair loss.

Myth 7: Sexually active men are more likely to go bald.

This is a popular myth. This is not true though. Bald men have lesser testosterone than those who are hairy.

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Fruits that Offer More than Basic Nutrition

Fruits that Offer More than Basic Nutrition

In order to maintain a healthy and youthful body, nutrition is important. Normally, people get nutrients from the food that they eat, but most of them are not really aware where exactly to get these essentials. For the average person, the knowledge of the nutrition a certain food contributes was handed down from generation to generation. Fruits in general have those catchy lines which makes people remember their nutritional contribution well. For example, the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” would mean that the fruit has properties which prevent people from getting sick, and the list goes on.

When talking about fruits, all of them are generally good. Good in a sense that all fruits have their share of nutrients to provide our bodies. However, there some fruits which can be considered as exceptional because of the nutrients that they offer, as well as their antioxidant qualities. Below are some of the fruits that offer more than basic nutrition for our body:


Apples are the most popular fruits all over the world. These fruits provide the soluble fiber called pectin, which is known to have cleansing properties. Some of the benefits of pectin include its ability to flush out heavy metals inside the body like mercury and lead, lowering sugar levels, and lowering bad cholesterol (LDL). In addition to this, apples also have phytonutrients like chlorogenic acid, quercetin, phloridzin, and cathechin which are known to have excellent antioxidant properties. Finally, apples are also good providers of Vitamin C, and are also known to prevent diarrhea, gastroenteritis, gout, constipation and arthritis. There were also studies that support the fact that women who consume at least an apple a day reduce their risk of having lung cancer.


Bananas are next in line to apples when it comes to nutritional and health benefits. For one, bananas are widely known for their function as antacids because when digested, they coat the surface of the stomach, which equates to prevention of stomach ulcer. In addition to this, bananas also lessens the uncomfortable feeling of diarrhea, circulatory problems, heartburn, nausea, insomnia, fluid retention, kidney problems, fatigue and even menstrual problems. Bananas are also rich in folic acid and vitamin B6. These nutrients make the wonder fruit a perfect snack for people suffering from high blood pressure and heart problems. Bananas are also good for people who are on diuretics or the so-called water pills. These fruits also have high contents of potassium which is ideal for preventing cramps. Finally, bananas are excellent sources of energy due to its very digestible starch.


Who would know that these little fruits contain nutrients beyond essential nutrition? Grapes contain chemicals like anthocyanins, flavonoids, and tannins. These nutrients found in these wonder fruits are known to have anti-cancer properties. Grapes also care for the heart, as it contains resveratrol which helps maintain the health and flexibility of the heart muscles. Finally, grapes are also highly recommended for people who are easily fatigued, have anemia, and those who are recovering from certain illnesses.

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Ways to Fight Your Food Cravings

Ways to Fight Your Food Cravings

Do you know that the best way to reduce your food cravings is to increase your ability to stop the urge to indulge in food?  You will be surprised to know that research shows that willpower is like a muscle. With proper exercise it can grow stronger.  Here are some ways on how you can improve self-control over food cravings and with proper practice not even the most deliciously-looking food can outmatch your mental strength.

  1. Small frequent meals. Not eating for long periods of time can cause your blood sugar to drop down. This will leave you with a big appetite that can overpower your plan of eating healthy and wise. Eating small meals every 3 to 4 hours will make your blood sugar at stable normal levels. This will also prevent a plummet in your blood sugar levels that may lead to overeating.
  2. Eat with your non-dominant hand. Picking up a spoon or fork with the hand that you don’t usually use will slow down your meal time and will help you to focus more on what you’re eating. With practice, this can actually aid in faster weight loss. According to Roy Baumeister, a Professor of Psychology from the University of Florida, when people spend several weeks on practicing little acts of self-control like using a non-dominant hand when brushing their teeth, or when using a computer mouse, they tend to work longer on the same puzzle. If one works on his ability to resist a particular impulse, he also increases his capacity to override all other impulses.
  3. Don’t lose sight of your goal which is weigh loss. Keep your weight loss goal up front by weighing yourself regularly. Daily weigh ins make it easier for you to see extra pounds you have gained and will prompt you to turn around and slash them immediately. A research conducted in the University of Minnesota studied and analyze around 1800 people who have successfully lost weight from weight loss programs and found out that 40% of these people weighed themselves either weekly or daily. Reaching your goal of losing weight will motivate you to look forward to your next target.
  4. Have a dose of pleasant emotions. Get out of depressed state and lift up your spirit. It is a known fact that people tend to overeat or lock themselves to emotional eating 75% of the time because they are emotionally down and feeling blue.

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