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Workouts You Can Do at the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you can’t get on an exercise program because of your busy schedule, do you know that you can do workouts at home? Here are some easy exercises you can try. However, you need to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

1. Stair Climb. Any benefits you can get from an aerobics class, you can also get at home. If you happen to have a staircase in the house, you can begin exercising simply by climbing up those stairs. First, go to the bottom of the staircase and walk in place for about 60 seconds. This is to warm up your legs and legs muscles.  You can start the pattern by climbing on to the first step and then back down. Repeat this at least 10 times. Walk again in place for 20 seconds and then start climbing 2 steps and then back down. Climb up one step, come down, and repeat this again 10 times.  You can repeat this pattern up to the 10th stair, but we don’t recommend climbing more than ten steps, it will be extremely difficult to get back down after that. After this routine, you will surely feel the burn. You don’t have to over exert yourself. You can start climbing to up to 3 stairs only for a few weeks and then build your endurance slowly.

2. Laundry Basket Lifts. You will be surprised to know that your laundry bin full of dirty clothes is more than part of your everyday house chores. Lifting laundry baskets can be a good arm sculpting exercise.  Carefully lift the bin basket on top of your head and lift upwards and then slowly back down. Do this 15 times a set and do 3 sets a day. If the laundry bin is too heavy for you, you can remove some of the clothes and then restart the set. You can also try the lying position and lift from your chest up and then back down. This exercise will help shape your upper arms, shoulders and back muscles.

3. Commercial Break Exercises. If you are a certified couch potato and you love curling up on the sofa while watching your favorite shows everyday, then commercial breaks exercises are perfect for you.  As your favorite drama series is on, you can curl up on some weights, a five or ten pounds weight will do. But when commercials come on, you’ve got to stand up on your feet and do intense exercises such as jumping jacks, crunches, sit-ups, push-ups or any heart rate-rising workout you can think of.  When the TV show comes back on, you can return to light exercises. Do this pattern all through out the show and you will hardly notice you’re getting the best exercise!

 4. Home Office Chair Presses. If you have a swivel chair in your home office, you can use this to workout your arms. Sit on the chair and hold on to the edges of the office table while you use your arms to pull yourself towards the table and do the same to push yourself away from it.

These are just some of the ways you can exercise at home. There are still a lot of exercise you can try such as dancing in your living room, doing combo crunches and couch kicks. Be imaginative and resourceful and figure out new and exciting ways to workout your way to fitness.


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The Best Exercises for Hypertension

If you have hypertension and you want to get rid of it, exercise can help improve your condition. Exercising regularly is vital in being physically fit. It also helps your body relax and unwind. In this article you will learn more about the different kinds of exercises that work best for hypertensive individuals.

How can exercise relieve hypertension?

All of us are recommended to have at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to stay fit. Exercise can control high blood pressure by helping you maintain a healthy weight, get rid of body fats and bad cholesterol, and keep you active.

The American Heart Association or AHA recommends that all individuals with high blood pressure should engage in regular exercise. Exercises improve blood circulation thereby increasing the body’s oxygen levels. Oxygen is very important for body cells and muscles to function. Increased blood circulation also improves heart activity.

Aerobic exercise is the best type of cardiovascular exercise that can lower blood pressure. It makes our heart pump blood effectively which results to more blood and oxygen being delivered to our muscles. In time, the heart becomes stronger with regular exercise; less work is required of our circulatory system and prevents our blood vessels from getting hard.

Exercises such as Pilates and Yoga help us relax by concentration during workouts that involve connection between our minds and bodies.

As mentioned above, aerobic exercises are best in combatting hypertension. Here are some examples of aerobic activities that are recommended to people with high blood pressure:

  • Walk daily. At least 15 to 30 minutes of walk can already count as exercise.
  • Get your heart to pump more blood by running or jogging.
  • Engage into sports such as tennis or basketball.
  • If you are a newbie to exercise or you have limitations, you can try swimming since this is a no-impact type of exercise.
  • Outdoor sports like biking would be great or if you are an indoor type of person you can try a stationary bike.
  • Go rollerblading or skating with your kids or friends. This is a fun way to exercise.
  • Climb up the stairs instead of using an elevator or escalator when you’re at work or in the mall.
  • Have a share of household chores such as cleaning, mapping or mowing the loan.

However, before committing to these exercises, it is best to consult your doctors first. Talk to them about what you can do and ask if you have any limitations or restrictions. Safety first!



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Five Secrets to a Slimmer You

 Getting slim or maintaining one’s figure is very difficult for most people because of the fact that it requires discipline and sacrifice. Because the world nowadays is always on the go, the basic needs of the body have become less important. People have less time to prepare a decent meal for themselves, which makes them end up eating instant food or even fast food, which eventually results to obesity or certain illnesses. They also have little or no time to exercise which greatly affects their overall strength and stamina. Add these two to certain habits like sleeping less, drinking too much alcohol, and smoking, and you got your body crying for help.

The road to a slimmer, healthier and fitter you is not a hard path to cross. All you need is a little patience, discipline, and time, as well as these guidelines:


In addition to the healthy foods that you should consume, you can add some of these foods which help a lot in maintaining your figure and health:

  1. Coffee – coffee contains caffeine which is known to increase one’s metabolism. It also contributes to the breakdown of fat with lypolysis. It is recommended that a person consume at least one to two cups each day.
  2. Yogurt – even though dairy products are known for its high-calorie content, yogurt aids in the reduction of fat absorption inside the body due to its high content of probiotics or what the call the good bacteria.
  3. Green Tea – green tea is known to have catechins which most experts believe helps a lot in burning fats around the belly. By consuming at least 3 cups of green tea a day, it helps your heart rate rise which gives the signal to your bodily systems to speed up the burning of calories.
  4. Cinnamon – a teaspoon of this condiment on one of your daily delicacies helps your body in making the blood sugar penetrate your cells. When this happens, these sugars are converted to energy, which also prevents storage of fats.


A specific exercise for people who wants to get slimmer is the cardio workout. By spending at least 30 minutes everyday for cardio workout, you are helping yourself increase your heart rate which speeds up the burning of calories.

 Organic Products

One of the best organic products known to provide slimming benefits is white tea. White tea is highly popular especially with oriental women. They have been using this beverage for many centuries which is why you seldom see a fat oriental woman. This is because white tea increases their metabolic rates.


This line maybe one of the oldest that you have heard, but it really does works wonders – “drink at least eight glasses of water a day”. By drinking water, you are helping your body flush out unwanted toxins and fats which leads to a slimmer you.


Maintaining a positive attitude makes you look and feel younger inside and out. Also, you can do anything by keeping that positive attitude everyday.  

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Beating the Heat with Cool Water Sports

Water sports are great alternatives for those tired of field sports or for those people who are dying to get out of the court. These fluid-filled activities are slowly getting popular especially in Asia where beach and swimming pools are very accessible. Whether they involve going under water, surfing or paddling, thrilling watersports offer numerous fitness benefits.

Synchronized Swimming

This sport is a combination of swimming, dancing and gymnastics. Swimmers, either pairs or groups, perform elaborate moves in water accompanied by music. Synchronized swimming requires timing, strength, flexibility, artistry and the ability to hold breath when submerged in water for long periods of time. Children as young as 12 to 13 can already engage in this kind of water sport.

Going under water helps strengthen our lungs and heart, and is recommended for asthmatics. There are not excessive sweating and fluid loss since the activity is done under water. Aside from these, synchronized swimming can increase blood circulation which contributes to mental alertness.

People with heart problems and epilepsy are advised not to try the sport because of the possibility of injury or drowning.

Under Water Hockey

It is a sport played on the bottom of a swimming pool. It requires two teams with 6 players each. Just like the concept of a regular hockey game, the players play by maneuvering a puck on the pool’s floor with their playing sticks. A team scores when they are able to shoot the puck in the opponent’s goal. Swimming skills are needed to play the game. Divers and good snorkelers have an advantage but of course you need not to be a diver to excel in it.

With playing under water hockey, you do constant swimming which can increase your stamina and improves your cardiovascular systems. Dangers of the sport include minor cuts and injuries.


Skimboarding is a board sport quite similar to surfing. In this water sport, a board usually made up of foam or wood coated with resin is used. It is shorter and wider than a surf board. Unlike surfing, skimming begins in the shoreline. A skimmer starts with the board on hand, runs to gain momentum and drops it on a breaking wave. He jumps on to the board and rides it until the wave recedes back to the sea.

Skimboarding improves balance and promotes endurance. The combination of strength and power is exercised making you jump higher, run faster and stay standing longer. Although skimboarding presents dangers like fractures, twisted ankle, dislocations when one is not careful.

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The Good Benefits of Tai Chi

In the world that we live in where economic recession is very evident, it pays to be healthy. Hospital services are so expensive and there would be times that your insurance won’t cover for the cost for a certain procedure that you will need. That is why it is very important to prevent the occurrence of diseases rather than paying big amount of money to find cure.

Aside from having a well balanced diet, one of the best known ways to help the body from having diseases is by exercising. Many recognized the benefits that exercising does to their health. But there are so many ways on how to exercise which makes a lot of us confused on what routines to choose. For those who haven’t made the decision on what exercise suits you best, why not try tai chi?

Tai chi is not originally a form of exercise. It was invented and use in Ancient China as a form of self defense and martial art. But in the present times, it is more used as exercise because of the health benefits it gives. Here are some of the good benefits of tai chi and why you should consider it as a form of exercise:

  • Tai chi is a good form of exercise. An hour routine is enough to get rid of the unwanted fats of the body and toxins. This is good form of exercise for those who want to lose and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Tai chi is an exercise that all could participate in. It is not too strenuous just like other cardiovascular exercises which make one prone to accidents. In fact it is a recommended exercise for those who have poor gait and posture like the elderly.
  • Among all form exercise, tai chi is considered to be one of those that help people experiencing stress. Stress is one of the great contributory factors why a person gets sick so it is a must to get rid of it.
  • As the body is able to relax even when exercising, those who are troubled with getting good quality of sleep are often relieved with tai chi. Tai chi is often recommended for those who are suffering with sleep disorders like insomnia.
  • Tai chi helps the person connect with itself and nature. This helps the body breathe and heal itself from all the harmful elements it has been exposed to.

Tai chi is an inexpensive exercise routine that you can participate in so it would not be a problem if you are on a strict budget. Try tai chi and reap the health benefits it has to offer.

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How to Get Affordable Muscle Building Food

Muscle building is all about protein. A bodybuilder needs to eat foods that are rich in protein and unfortunately protein rich foods do not come cheap so does protein supplements. Some would say body building will cost you money but there is a solution for that, a healthy alternative that is also easy on the budget. Try these tips to get affordable high quality, protein rich, and muscle building foods.
  • Avail of ground meat. Steak, red meat and lamb are highly expensive can be very expensive. The practical solution is to buy minced or ground meat instead. It contains the same amount of protein but the difference it is a lot cheaper. Make sure to get the lean part to be grounded.
  • Eggs are rich in protein. Aside from being cheap and affordable to all eggs is a natural source of protein especially the white part. It can be cooked in a variety of ways- fried, boiled, scrambled or omelets.
  • Bulk buying. When consumers buy in bulk they often get a discount which makes things cheaper than buying it in individual packs. Storing them won’t be a problem as long as you have a freezer at home. It will stay fresh if it is kept frozen. If you buy directly from the supplier they may even give you up to 50 percent off.
  • Tuna can be a good source of protein. It is cheap and usually available in can. Be creative in preparing canned tuna. It can be eaten with rice or made into a pita sandwich. Better buy the canned tuna in brine or water rather than the ones in oil to avoid the added fats.
  • Protein from plant sources. Although meat is the primary source of protein there are other groups of foods that can supply protein and is relatively cheaper than meat. Rice and beans are good source of protein for muscle building, carbohydrates for energy and fiber for good digestion. Use dried beans instead of processed canned beans as they have more nutrients stored.
  • Chicken breast is ideal for body builders. Instead of buying cut chicken breasts which is more expensive since they are already skinned, deboned and cut you can avail of whole chicken and do the cutting yourself.
  • Sandwiches as a healthy alternative. Preparing sandwiches can give you a healthy alternative to eating meat. Not only is bread cheaper it also has carbohydrates that can make you last a day of work out.
  • Protein snacks. Muscle building exercises and diet will make you hungry most of the time it is good to nibble on snacks that are rich in protein like nuts and cheese. If you can afford to spend more buy protein bars for snacks in between work out sessions.
Body building doesn’t have to burn a whole in your pocket. Learning ways to work around your budget will result to affordable sources of protein rich foods essential to build your muscles. Being creative and informed will provide you with ways to prepare cheap yet protein filled meals.

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Pole Dancing for a Sexy, New You

Pole dance is not exactly something new. It has been around for a little while although it has not yet been accepted fully. These days, you see some fitness centers offering pole dancing classes mostly in the United States, Britain and Australia. If you still don’t have any idea of this innovative form of exercise, imagine yourself transforming into the sexy new, you with the help of a pole. Just like any other exercise, you may want to do it alone with a fitness instructor or do it with other people who also have their own pole. And, just like yoga, tai-chi or aerobics, you will encounter a lot of beautifully choreographed forms of exercise with moves that will vary as you go; from the easiest for beginners to the more mind-boggling and clearly more demanding moves for the more experienced dancers.

It might also catch your interest to know that some Hollywood stars have professed doing pole dance in order to eliminate their unwanted fats and to maintain their slim figure.  At present, Desperate Housewives star, Teri Hatcher remains as one of the most famous personalities to talk about pole dancing as her way of exercising. Joining her are other stars like Cindy Crawford, Amy Adams, Kate Moss and Emma Roberts. As you can infer from the bodies of these individuals, pole dancing was not just invented in terms of getting toned muscles or just having the right muscles in the right places and increasing your flexibility, pole dancing is also a great way for people to have athletic bodies that are prepared through cardio workout, an enhanced grace and improved coordination. Strength is also required with pole dancing; therefore, expect core strength to be enhanced with muscle control, stability balance and good posture as bonuses.

Apart from the aforementioned, pole dance does not limit itself to just one genre of music or of dance forms. It can go classic or embrace the spicy hot Latin moves. Imagine yourself dancing around a pole, wouldn’t you feel sexy about it? It might be uneasy at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find out how the exercise has made you more confident in your own skin.

A simple session would ask you to claim a pole. Meaning to say, you have to acknowledge that your whole routine would be about wanting and needing the pole. In gyrating, you will have to make sure that you wear comfy clothes. You will encounter people who pole dance with skimpy clothes and barefoot because the movements are easier made.

Your instructor will teach you several techniques to follow but on the whole, you’ll have to make use the pole to let your body especially your feet, legs and hands to move about.

Finally, don’t get intimidated and try the sensual and graceful exercise, with a few simple twirls, you’ll know if pole dancing is for you. Not only will you have fun but your entire body is worked out.

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5 Fat-Blaster Workouts that Work

All of us want to get fit and maintain a healthy weight. This is not just because we want to look good, but also to be healthy and free from diseases. But in order to achieve a weight that is recommended for you to have, it takes eating healthy and doing exercise. While others are blessed to have no issues with their weights, it is a fact that there are those who are having trouble in keeping a healthy weight. There are just those people who despite utmost efforts to exercise, they are still not satisfied with the bodies that they have.

The reasons why you are not achieving the body you want even if you are exercising much is maybe because your exercise of choice is not that effective. Not all forms of exercise are invented equal; there are just those that are more effective in helping a person achieve their target bodies. For those who think that there exercise routine is not giving them enough, here are the top 5 fat-blaster workouts that work:

  • Running

One of the most basic forms of exercise yet the benefits it gives the body cannot be discounted. An hour of running can burn around 700 calories. Even an hour of running a day will surely help in helping a person achieve his ideal weight. Running is also preferred by most people because it does not involve enrolling in the gym and require the presence of an instructor.

  • Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is most loved by women not just because it is specially designed for them, but also because it is very effective in saying goodbye to those unwanted fats. The dance routines do not only make one healthy but also achieve the weight that they want.

  • Walking

The single most effective exercise in blasting fats is walking. Unlike other work out wherein you need to go to the gym, walking can be done solitarily, and at any time of the day be it in the office or at home. Even a thirty minute work is already good in burning 300 calories.

It is to no wonder why a lot of people have chosen to dance workouts over the traditional ones. This is because dance workouts use dance as a form of exercise. You are not just getting rid of the body’s fats, you are enjoying as well. One of the dance routines that are very popular today is the zumba fitness workout. It involves the use of salsa, cha-cha, samba and other Latin dances in the dance routines which make it a very exciting fitness workout.

  • Trampoline Rebound

Rebounding on the trampoline is not just an enjoyable form of exercise. It is also very good in shedding the body’s unwanted fats. As one jumps on the trampoline, all the body parts are moving and exercised. This helps the person lose weight and become healthy.

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