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Bad Breath-Busting Foods You Should Know About

During last night’s party, you loved the tacos smothered with onions and cheese. But the morning after, your breath could knock down a UFC champion.

And then you ask what to do to shoo away your smelly breath. When your breath turned bad because of foods such as cheese, fish, onions and garlic, you will need a breath freshener every now and then or at least a day until after odor clears out from your bloodstream. Frequent brushing is impossible so what you can do is to treat your bad breath with something that is handy, foods.

  1. Try sucking on a lemon. This is easy to do especially in restaurants because they use lemons as garnish. Sparkling water with lemon or lemon-flavored candies are great alternatives. You can even carry them with you wherever you go as they are very portable.
  2. Go for green garnishes. If your favorite garlic-rich dish or an onion-laden burger was served with green garnishes such as parsley, consider it as a bad breath remover more than a food décor. Chewing on parsley sprigs releases certain oils that can freshen up your breath.  Other garnishes such as basil and rosemary can work wonders too.
  3. Chew fresh, crisp vegetables and fruits like apples, pears and carrots. Aside from having high fiber content, all that munching will increase saliva production- this combination is perfect as it serves as a scrubbing solution for your mouth.
  4. Munch on some crispy spices like fennel seeds, coriander and anise which are available in most supermarkets and grocery stores. Mix these spices and store in a small container near your salt and pepper. Chewing these seeds can release certain oils that can sweeten your breath after eating curry or drinking coffee.
  5. Try cinnamon sticks or mint gums. There’s a kind of oil found in cinnamon that can kill oral bacteria and can prevent them from invading your mouth. Mint gums on the other hand usually contain Xylitol which can easily freshen up your breath and prevent cavities.
  6.  Combine yogurt and berries. If you can’t help but eat your favorite breath-unfriendly foods, you can try eating for prevention, which they say is better than cure. Consuming at least a cup full of yogurt two times a day can remove that rotten egg smell from your mouth. Berries on the other hand can kill smelly mouth bacteria. To get best results, combine berries with yogurt and you won’t have to worry about bad breath ever again.

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