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Are You Wondering Why Kids These Days Are Fat? Find Out Why

Are You Wondering Why Kids These Days Are Fat? Find Out Why

One definitive answer to this famous question is television. Hours of watching and being glued to the TV can cause your kids to be fat. But this is not the only reason why. During the past 10 years, a lot of parents and pediatricians have been concerned about the increasing number of overweight children. Many also fear that this dramatic increase can constitute a world health crisis.

Obesity in children usually starts between the ages 5 and 6, but it can also begin during adolescence. Children are considered obese or overweight if their total body weight is more than 25% fat in boys and 32% fat in girls. While just an additional few pounds on a small child can make him obese. This can be determined through the use of weight and height charts.

There have been numerous research and studies made about obesity in youngsters and the results are very alarming. 1 in every 5 children is considered obese and almost 20 percent of children in America are most likely to be obese. Since 1980, the number of obese children has doubled and what is more alarming is that, children nowadays are 10 pounds heavier than the average weight 10 years ago.

You will know how serious this problem is simply by going to local shopping malls where you will see a lot of teenagers who do not fit into thin clothes. Clothing shops who sell teen clothes now offer a selection of larger dress sizes. Not too long ago these stores only offer smaller sizes and obese teenagers and kids usually go to a Plus Size Shop.

The impact of obesity in teenagers should not be underestimated since adolescence is the time when a child creates a personal identity and develops his self-worth. Not being able to fit in a world obsessed with THIN is difficult and can injure a child’s self-esteem leading to depression. Aside from this, being obese can also cause numerous medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and gall bladder disease.

The causes of obesity in children are combinations of several factors such as poor eating habits, genetic make-up or even ethnicity. Not a lot of people know that obesity is common in African-Americans, American-Indians and Hispanic. It is more common in girls than in boys.

Studies show that children who are obese are not necessarily overeaters. More often than not, they just eat too much of the bad stuff. Eating junks foods and drinking soft drinks everyday can lead to weight gain. Many health organizations are now pointing finger on TV watching and playing video games as major contributors to obesity. Children who are glued to the TV for hours while munching high calorie foods are most likely to be obese. Also, children who are addicted to video games have less time for exercise.

Most overweight children need medical help. For parents who have overweight children should seek the help of a doctor so that careful evaluation of their children’s health can be done. This assessment should be able to tell if the child really needs to lose the excess weight or gain weight slowly so he can grow into it.

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