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Acne Breakouts and Laser Treatment

Acne Breakouts and Laser Treatment

Just when you think acne is just a problem for teenagers, then you are wrong. Even adults have to suffer from acne and some of them grow worse than normal. Aside from this, acne breaks out not only in the face but it can also come out in different parts of the body. Acne is very common, and it affects almost everyone. Generally, after the teenage years, acne goes away. But when this condition goes on beyond the years you have expected it to go, you should be considering an extensive treatment. Through thorough testing and research, science came up with a cure for acne – laser treatment. The question is: is laser treatment effective enough to remove acne? Read below to find out.

Characteristics of Acne

Acne is characterized by the presence of nodules, pimples, pinheads, whiteheads, blackheads and sometimes scales and red skin.  Acne can be commonly seen in areas where sebaceous follicles are densest like the face, but they can also grow at the back or on the chest. Acne can be non-inflammatory but in severe cases, it can be in an inflammatory form.   

Laser Treatment

In the past, laser treatment is used to reduce or even eradicate most of the scars which are left by acne. But because of intensive studies, they have discovered that the same laser treatment can be used to prevent the formation of acne. Treatment of acne through laser requires several sessions. The number of sessions depends on how serious the acne problem is. On the average, laser treatments require approximately six sessions to completely cure the problem. Some people need less treatment because of the mildness of their condition, and some need more sessions due to the severity of their case. 

Laser Treatment for the Chest and Back

Aside from the face, mist laser treatments nowadays can also be used in different parts of the body, especially the chest and the back. Compared to costly medicines which only triggers and cures specific parts of the body, the laser treatment does it all. On top of this, laser treatment also helps lessen the visibility of scars caused by acne. Compared to people who treated their acne with medicines, patients who underwent laser surgery will show more satisfactory results.

Why Laser is Effective

The laser treatment has been found very effective not only in minimizing the visibility of scars all over the body but to treat acne as well. Some of the effects of a laser treatment include the introduction of oxygen formation inside the bacteria which kills them, the burning of the sebaceous gland which is responsible for oil production, and the burning of the follicle sacs, or the place where the hair grows.  However, it has to be noted that laser can cause damage to the skin like spots and long-term skin dryness. Finally, when it comes to pain involved in the procedure, it is very minimal and you also have an option to put some analgesic in the area to be treated to make sure you feel less pain.

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