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5 Out–of–the–Box Secrets of Smokers Who Successfully Quit

5 Out–of–the–Box Secrets of Smokers Who Successfully Quit

 Attempting to quit smoking is not an easy ordeal. Many have failed, and many have stopped trying since then. It is so hard that when you really overcome smoking and quit for good, you automatically become somebody’s hero, even if it’s just your neighbor who is secretly jealous that you finally quit smoking quite successfully. Here are some of the tricks ex-smokers used to defy the habit and start a brand new, healthy life:

  1. Kill the habit, or bury it alive. Pat Owens from New York decided it was time to quit, so he wrapped all his packs of cigarettes nice and snug in a bag and in little pot, buried them there. When you crave for a stick, it would be such a hassle to dig up the cigarette packs just to satisfy yourself, so you’d eventually just forget about it. It worked for Pat, who has been cigar-sober for 18 years now.
  2. Go for the gold, and nothing else. When you want to quit, think of something you’d like to reward yourself with. It must be expensive, and absolutely difficult to attain (but possible). It shouldn’t be something you can have access to everyday. Then go cold turkey. Every time you fall into the smoking trap, you step farther away from your prize. If you’ve completely gotten rid of the urge, someone should be able to offer you a stick and you politely say “I don’t smoke, thank you though”, go ahead and reward yourself with something big.
  3. Pay up. Try this with a non-smoking partner, or with a smoker who is also trying to quit. Every time you falter and end up smoking, you will have to pay a dollar (or whatever amount you decide on). Why a dollar? Because it doesn’t come cheap. With every stick you consume, you will slowly feel your wallet getting thinner and thinner, and your bank account getting lighter and lighter. You‘ll eventually come to your senses and avoid paying a fine – quit!
  4. Get hypnotized…by yourself. Hypnosis is tricky and most people buy them. But it is slowly becoming a popular means to quit a bad habit such as smoking, gambling or drinking alcohol. That’s how Shiela Bender, a psychologist from New Jersey, did it. You will need to consult with a trained specialist for this one, though. And for the first few tries, you may have to be with someone who can guide you while you are in a trance.
  5. Get filthy. Throw away all your sticks and packets, and leave just one for when you have an insatiable craving. Store it under your gas range or your stove. Everytime you need a puff, indulge, but remember, you only have one stick for the rest of your life. (Mental alert: You should be saving it for those times you really, really, need it) Therefore, you won’t be reaching out to it very often. The gas range, unfortunately, is prone to grime, dust, dirt and food particles, that after a while of not picking up your last-ever cigarette, it’s going to be so filthy, that putting it in your mouth would be too revolting for words. There – you wouldn’t think about smoking after that. 

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